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10 ways to make your office chair more comfortable

If only you could be as comfortable in your work chair as you are when you are relaxing at home. A comfortable chair can make sitting down to work a pleasure as opposed to a pain! Polyurethane operator chairs do not have to be uncomfortable. It is possible to combine durability and functionality with comfort – in all workplace settings.

Here are 10 easy and cost effective ways to make your operator chair more comfortable.

10 top tips for making your chair more comfortable

  1. Start with your feet. This may seem strange but the position of your feet is crucial. You must be able to place your feet on the floor when you are sitting on your seat to avoid back and leg strain.
  2. Keep checking. Don’t fall into the trap of ‘just sitting down for a second’ without adjusting your chair and then realising an hour later that you have lost track of time and have been sitting awkwardly for too long. Check your posture every time you sit down.
  3. Support your back. Your lower back is very vulnerable to strain. If your seat does not have adequate lumbar support you can add a small cushion instead.
  4. Adjustable back rests for optimum comfort. Take a moment to adjust the back rest to suit the length of your spine to get the maximum postural benefits.
  5. Use a foot rest. This will ensure that the angle of your knees is correct and will help to avoid lower back strain.
  6. Depth is so important. Don’t forget about the distance between your pelvis and knees – shorter office workers require a seat with a smaller depth so that they can bend their knees at the edge of the chair.
  7. Don’t forget about your arms. Many cases of neck pain originate from tightness in the shoulders. Relax your shoulders by using the arm rests.
  8. Individual design. No two office workers are the same shape and weight so how can one type of chair suit them all? Choose a chair that is suited to your frame and build. Larger workers will require a completely different chair to a petite employee.
  9. Make a replacement. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and invest in a new chair. Old, worn and damaged chairs are never going to help to maintain a good posture at work.
  10. Be bold and brave! Perhaps traditional office chairs are simply not going to work for you. Try out stools and saddle seats or even consider trying an exercise ball.

Find out more about our range of polyurethane operator chairs

Choose your polyurethane operator chairs wisely and you can be very comfortable at your work station all day long. Adjust your backrest angle, the height and the depth to your own requirements. You can have all the features you require, such as wipe clean or steam clean materials, yet not compromise on comfort. These chairs are perfect for workshops, factories, food premises and healthcare workplaces. Check out our products at Furniture Online and select the features you need.

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