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Take a seat please – a guide to waiting room seating

Regardless of the size of your waiting room, the most important thing is that you offer your visitors, comfortable, practical seating. Beam seating fulfils both of these requirements.

Choosing appropriate waiting room seating

While beam seating is one solution, and one that many waiting rooms are outfitted with, especially waiting rooms in the healthcare industry, the range of waiting room seating available today from a good office furniture supplier, means that you can choose suitable waiting room seating, dependent of the type of facility the customer is visiting.

The nature of the waiting room will have a bearing on the choice of seating, as this will dictate to a certain extent, how long a customer has to wait, which is important from a comfort point of view.

Some of the various types of waiting room seating available

Guest chairs (also referred to as “side chairs”) are ideal for many business reception or waiting areas. They can be supplied with or without arm rests and are available in a wide range of styles, colours and materials

The next step-up in terms of comfort, are club chairs. These offer a more plush option and tend to be used in areas where visitors can expect longer waiting times. Club chairs are often deployed in business lounge areas.

Many businesses prefer to include sofas in their waiting areas, where space permits. Once again this type of waiting room seating is ideally suited for lounge areas, and waiting rooms where you are trying to make your visitors fell more at home. Typically, sofas can seat up to three people.

Tandem seating, or multi chair sets as they are sometimes called, are guest chairs that are permanently joined together via shared legs and/or arms.

Beam seating for healthcare waiting rooms

Beam seating is similar in concept to tandem seating, but instead of shared arms and/or legs, they are permanently joined together by a single metal beam running along the underside of the seats. Beam seating (be it banked in sets of 2, 3 or 4) is available in a wide choice of styles, materials and colours.

When choosing waiting room seating for a clinic or surgery in the healthcare industry, there are specific considerations that need to addressed.

  • They should be manufactured from crypton, vinyl or IC plus upholstery
  • 15 to 20% of the seating in a healthcare facility waiting room should be bariatric seating.
  • The type of seating chosen should incorporate a space to enable cleaning between the backrest and the seat

What choosing the right waiting room seating means

Choosing the right type of waiting room seating can have a huge impact of the success of any operation, be that operation a collection facility, a hospital A&E department, a dentist’s or a doctor’s surgery.

With much more attention now focussing on the patient waiting room experience, the suitability of waiting room seating is coming under the spotlight. Choosing the right style of beam seating for best comfort, and ensuring that the aesthetic appearance blends in with the waiting room environment, can have a significant, positive effect on the waiting room experience.

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