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Body and Soul – Why a Good Office Chair Matters

We’re repeatedly told that our office chairs are bad for us, with some studies stating that sitting all day is as bad for us as smoking. An hour’s exercise a day can help to combat the effects of sedentary lifestyles, and we’ve got some great ideas on things you can do below. The right office chair will also add to your comfort and wellbeing, helping to prevent other health conditions and easing the stress and discomfort that can be caused by sitting at your desk.

The argument against office chairs

The negativity around office chairs is less to do with the chairs themselves, but the amount of time we spend in them. Think of your working day. If you worked the regular 9-5, ate lunch at your desk and only really left to go the toilet or to make a coffee, you’ll have spent the best part of 8 hours in your office chair. And that’s without overtime or coming in early to get a head start on your emails.

It’s a hard habit to shake off. The more we sit in our chairs, the more we want to, and the thought of going for a lunchtime walk or hitting the gym can be difficult to swallow. However, just one hour of exercise can help to combat the effects of our largely sedentary lifestyles, therefore you could really benefit by taking a break from your desk during your lunch hour and get some exercise.

Why a good office chair still matters

With businesses facing pressure to encourage employees to be more active, investing in poor quality, uncomfortable chairs is seen as one solution to tackle employee inactivity. Withholding executive leather office chairs for all employees might be seen as an effective measure for employers, but the truth is, a comfortable, supportive chair is still key to ensure the health of employees.

Poor quality office chairs have been proven time and time again as being detrimental to health.  In addition to back pain and postural problems, a poorly designed office chair can also affect focus and productivity, leading not only to stress, but also having a financial impact on a business. The right office chair will make It easier for employees to work, reducing their stress and pain to ensure they can focus on their jobs.

Choosing executive leather office chairs over cheap chairs

Executive leather office chairs may seem like an expensive option for your office, but in fact, the opposite is true. Poor quality, ‘cheap’ chairs, are more likely to break and need regular replacement, whilst the right executive leather office chairs are designed to last – making them a better long-term investment. Not only does investing in a quality chair ensure comfort for employees, but they create a more professional perception of your business, helping build positive impressions for clients and partners.

A comfortable chair will help ease your stress and tension in your office, leaving workers feel more energised and more willing to indulge in a bit of physical activity each day. Can a price really be put on the health and wellbeing of your staff?

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