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5 Ways to Create the Ideal Home Office

Home offices make a great addition to any house, particularly if you run your own business or enjoy remote working every now and then. Having a home office gives you somewhere to carry on with tasks in a productive and effective environment, which is great for completing life-admin as well as paid work. With many Pinterest boards dedicated to home office design and style, there are bundles of useful ideas for creating the ideal home office. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. No dedicated room? No problem

Not everyone will have a dedicated room for a home office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create one in another room. Kitchens, dining rooms and even your garage can make excellent home office spaces without having to give up a whole room. Install storage units to de-clutter and large storage crates or ottomans make great places to stash your IT equipment and folders when they’re not being used.  This is a great solution if you don’t require a home office 24/7 or space is an issue in your home.

  1. Make the most of your walls

What you put on the walls of your home office can not only provide a reflection of your personality, but help you be more productive too. From adding motivational quotes to your walls to stylish art works to help get your creativity flowing, your wall doesn’t have to be a plain space. Add a chalk board, white board or pin board as a way to list tasks and brainstorm, choosing materials which can be cleaned easily to keep your space neat. Adding shelves, a clock and some personal photos and touches will help keep that connection between work and home.

  1. Make it yours

The difference between a home office and workplace can mean many things, but one of the best things about it is that you get to make it yours. Unlike your work office, you can choose everything from the colour of the walls to whether you should have a coffee machine – giving you plenty of options to add your personal touch. Be as fun and creative as you’d like, whilst luxury touches like a leather home office typist chair can let you enjoy features you’d never be allowed in your regular 9-5 workplace.

  1. Follow the trend

With home offices growing in popularity, there are some cool, creative trends you can adopt to give your office a modern look. Minimalist looks such as wooden, Scandinavian styles look great with pops of colour, whilst clean, bright whites paired with colourful accessories give home offices that fresh, start-up style look.

  1. Stay organised

An organised, clutter-free office encourages a less-stressful environment and can make you happier in your work. Drawers are perfect for hiding away documents and other bits which can otherwise pile up and cause chaos. Cable-tidies can keep wires out of the way, making your set-up much neater, whilst docking stations can tackle a number of connection issues, especially if you tend to move your laptop around a lot at home.

Creating an amazing home office doesn’t have to be expensive, or stressful. Think about what you’ll need in your space, and have fun making both a functional and pleasant area for your home business or life admin to take place.

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