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Make yourself comfortable: Choosing the best visitor chairs for your office

Visitor chairs are an integral part of that all-important first impression that you make on people who visit your offices. Dragging a battered stool from the store cupboard and placing it in a draughty office corridor is not going to impress anyone. It’s worth thinking carefully about how you will welcome visitors, where you will talk to them and what they will sit on if you want your business to thrive.

Where will you meet with your visitors?

You may not want to meet and greet all visitors in the same way or in the same space in your business premises. Here are a few options that you could choose from.

  • Use the lobby if you are in a hurry. If space allows, you may have a designated area in the lobby or reception where you can meet with visitors. This can work well for a quick and informal meeting but is not suitable for a large number of guests or for discussing confidential matters due to the lack of privacy.
  • A formal meeting room gives you privacy and peace. If you have a larger number of visitors, or if you need a quiet space to thrash out complicated issues or clinch a vital deal, then a designated meeting room is best. The rest of your business can carry on as normal whilst you take some time out to deal with the visitors.
  • Show off your own office. If you want to give your guests a real flavour of your workplace you can show off your own office by meeting them there. You can access data stored on your PC or call in colleagues with ease.

Wherever you plan to meet your guests, make sure you have adequate and appropriate seating for them.

Choose the right visitor chairs for your business

First impressions count, so put some thought into choosing the right chairs to greet your important guests with. You have a wide range of materials and designs to choose from when you are selecting your chairs for visitors.

  1. Metal frames are the popular choice. However, not all metal framed chairs are the same. You can select four legged frames, cantilevered frames or sled bases depending on the look that you want to achieve and your budget. They are durable and most are easy to move.
  2. Wooden chairs are light and versatile. If you want a light weight chair that you can move around easily then this is for you. Just bear in mind where and how you store them because wood can get damaged and scratched.
  3. Leather gives that quality look. Leather upholstery will give a stylish first impression and is surprisingly hard wearing and easy to maintain and keep clean.

We can help with your choice of visitor chairs, so if you’re struggling to decide, talk to our friendly team for advice. At Office Furniture Online we provide an extensive range including elegant wooden chairs  and high quality leather faced chairs to suit any business premises and any budget. Make that first impression a good one with our help.

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