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Narrowing down the choice of meeting room chairs

The choice of meeting room chairs is as wide as the choice for other office and workplace furniture yet it can be a lot more difficult to select the right product for you. An office chair is usually selected with a particular employee in mind or is at least selected with a particular work task in mind. This makes it easy to map out the requirements. Meeting room chairs are quite different. They will be used by many different people, for different lengths of time and for different reasons. So, how do you do you go about making this considerable investment for your workplace and get it right first time?

Carefully select meeting room chairs and make the best impression on your guests and employees

Think carefully about what you want from the chairs that you will be using in your meeting room and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do you want the chairs to look like? Do you want it look like you have a huge budget to spend on furniture or do you want to give the impression that you are operating on a very tight budget so that you can drive  a hard bargain. Do you want to impress important visitors with your seating? Think about your organisation’s or your brand’s image. It could be bold and bright or subtle and classic depending on the impression that you want to make.
  2. What do you want the chairs to feel like? If you need chairs for long meetings, presentations and lectures then comfort will be a big factor but, beware, delegates have been known to nod off if the seating is too comfortable! A middle of the road comfortable chair may be preferable to a super soft padded one.
  3. How long do you want the chairs to last? If you need the chairs to last for more than five years, and you are going to move them around a lot, you will need a very durable material that will not split, scratch or bend easily. You want the chairs to be looking good in a few years’ time!
  4. What do you want to do with the chairs? You may want a design that can be stacked if you want to be able to move them out of the way when not in use. This is true if you use your meeting room for other purposes. Think about features such as ease of handling, size, weight and ease and height of stacking.
  5. Day to day office life. Large bulky seating can make it difficult for cleaning staff to do their job if the chairs are to be used in a location where frequent cleaning is needed. If seating layouts need to be changed regularly, you could consider investing in chairs with castors so that employees can avoid manual handling.

Take all of these considerations into account and then take a look at our range of chairs for conferences and meeting rooms at Office Furniture Online. We can find the right chairs for you at the right price.

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