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Check your chair to stay safe and well

If you suspect that your office chair is damaging your health it is time to think about NEXT DAY office chairs to get the problem fixed quickly. You spend far too much time in your office chair to take chances! Carry out some simple checks to confirm that your office chair is ready for a replacement and then take action..

Top tips for checking your office chair safety

Don’t let your old chair cause serious health and safety problems. Carry out these simple safety checks today and get on with ordering NEXT DAY office chairs if you need to.

  1. Do the two hour test. Sit in your chair continuously for between one and two hours. Are you still feeling comfortable? If you have started to feel that the chair is hard under your bottom and you have to shift around to get comfortable this is a warning sign. The upholstery seat padding may be wearing thin and this indicates that the chair is passed its useful life. It will have to go!
  2. Check the stability. Many office accidents are caused by people falling as they sit down in or get up from chairs. Check to see if your chair has four arms (four–point models) or five arms (five–point models) on the base. A five–point chair base is recommended for maximum stability. If your chair has less than five arms you should consider upgrading for safety.
  3. Casters can be a danger. If the chair has castors they should be regularly checked for safety. The movement of each castor should be assessed to ensure that they move freely and have not locked up. They should also be firmly in place. Broken, loose or missing castors are a major safety hazard and the chair should be replaced straight away.
  4. Look, listen and touch. You need to use all of your senses to check out your chair. First have a good look. Is anything obviously broken or missing? Are the armrests broken? Does the fabric look old, ripped or worn out? Then feel the different parts of the chair. Does anything move that should not move? Is anything loose that should be fixed? Finally, have careful listen as you sit in the chair. Does it crack or creak? Don’t forget to do the same with all the levers and adjustment knobs as well.
  5. How old is your chair? Modern, high quality office chairs are built to last but won’t go on for ever and 10 years of normal use is about the limit. Perhaps your chair has simply reached the end of its useful life.

Now you can be confident that you are making the right decision for postural health.

Replace worn office furniture with NEXT DAY Office Chairs

If you find that your office chair is presenting a hazard you need to find a replacement and you need to find it fast! You can source quality office chairs at Office Furniture Online and get them delivered quickly. Don’t let your chair present a hazard to health for a moment longer.

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