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Choosing chairs for big and tall employees

Not many human beings are identical. We all come in different shapes and sizes. If you are an employer, you may have some members of staff who are bigger or taller than others. If the size difference is significant enough, you may need to issue them with bariatric office chairs.

Looking after the health and safety of your staff will be one of your prime business concerns. Any members of staff that have special needs (and this includes those members of staff who are larger) must be catered for, and in the case of bigger employees, bariatric office chairs provide the ideal solution.

Car manufacturers take into account the different sizes of drivers and build in sufficient flexibility in car seating to compensate for longer legs and taller backs, courtesy of adjustable seating and headrests. Business need to do something similar, which is where bariatric office chairs come into the equation.

Non bariatric office chairs and the problems they can cause

Some offices issue the same standard office chairs for all staff. If you work in an office like this and you have any colleagues with significantly longer legs, this can pose quite a problem. You may notice, as a result of these problems, that these colleagues are forced to sit at odd angles.

Even when people with extra long legs try to sit right back in their office chairs to atone for their leg length, they still find that their legs stick out too far.

The problems become exacerbated for anyone who is not only taller, but who is also heavier than usual. If someone like this tries to recline back in a chair that has a fixed tension, it may simply not be strong enough to take their full weight. What can all too easily happen is that the chair simply collapses back.

How do bariatric office chairs benefit bigger taller employees

The features that bariatric office chairs have built in to them to benefit larger, taller employees include:

  • Adjustable seat heights complete with integral damping facility
  • Integrated sliding seats with dual position dynamic forward tilt mechanisms
  • Adjustable seat depth which allows the user proper leg positioning and support
  • Immediate response body weight tension control
  • Load controlled braked twin castors

This is only a selection of the benefits that bariatric office chairs can offer. There are many other benefits too, depending on the model you choose.

Seating at work and the HSE

Seating in the workplace is an important issue and it is one that is well recognised by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). If you click here you will be taken through to a page on their website where you can download their “Seating at Work” publication for free.

Bariatric chair prices

The solution is to provide bigger, taller, special needs employees with bariatric office chairs. Yes, they are considerably more expensive that standard office chairs, but what price do you put on employee health, safety and comfort?

The fact of the matter is that by providing certain employees with ergonomically designed bariatric office chairs, you will make that employee more comfortable. The up-side from the employer’s point of view means:

  • Not endangering an employee’s health and safety, thereby avoiding the risk of law suits
  • Increasing employee productivity as he/she can concentrate on his/her work rather than worrying about being continually uncomfortable

The positives of greater productivity and increased loyalty from an employee who knows that their employer has their welfare at heart, far outweighs any additional financial cost.

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