Building an outdoor breakroom

September 26th, 2017
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Building an outdoor breakroom

The room where your employees take their break can be as impressive or dismal as you want it to be. Break rooms are often an after-thought in a place of work and end up being a cramped store cupboard or a draughty corridor. This is not going to foster enthusiasm for working and is not going to ensure that your employees return to their desks feeling refreshed and inspired. So, if space is at a premium what can you do? You could think about utilising some of your outdoor space and using folding chairs to make it flexible and versatile.

Using folding chairs to create your outdoor breakroom

An outdoor breakroom is a cost-effective alternative to a room inside the workplace. However, in temperate climates such as that in the UK, there are two barriers to their use; rain and cold temperatures. These are not insurmountable. You can use temporary or permanent structures to protect the area from all but the worst rain storms and even use outdoor heating devices when it is very cold.

You can also use folding chairs that can be easily carried in and out of the workplace and can be stored in a small space for convenience.

Tips for creating a great outdoor breakroom

If you like the idea of creating an outdoor space for your employees to take their break, here are a few top tips for making it as relaxing and inspiring as possible

  1. Choose the location wisely. This is the first decision that you will need to make. You may be limited by the area of outdoor space that you have available but if you have some choice, try and choose a spot that has plenty of natural sunlight and is not over-shadowed. If your employees are able to grab a few minutes in bright sunlight they will feel energized and enthusiastic when they get back to work and productivity will increase.
  2. Indoor or outdoor furniture? You have the option of selecting chairs, tables and benches that are specifically designed to be used outside. They will be hard-wearing and built to withstand everything that our climate can throw at them. However, if you are on a tight budget you may want select some chairs that can be used inside and outside. By selecting chairs that can be folded up and stored in a small space you can maximise your investment and outdoor space chairs can double up as meeting room or seminar chairs.
  3. Go green in your outdoor space. If your outdoor break area is surrounded by brick and concrete you could source some interesting plants and shrubs. These will benefit the environment as they give off oxygen and make the whole space fresher and more alive. Choose hardy species that will survive the cold winters and don’t require too much care in the summer.

If you need some help with choosing furniture for your outdoor breakroom take a look at the Office Furniture Online range. We can help with high quality, flexible furniture options that will suit your budget.

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