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How to turn basic to brilliant when it comes to your budget boardroom

Your meeting space is the shop window for your organisation. It’s where you show off what you are about and what you can do in front of visitors, potential clients and possible collaborators. Yet, the meeting room can reside at the bottom of the list when budgets for office décor are being thrashed out. Perhaps, this is because no single member of staff, or department, take ownership of this communal space.

Has this situation left you with an unwelcoming and uninspiring space furnished with a scruffy table and an odd assortment of occasional chairs? The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to put things right and make that all important first impression a good one!

Think colour, focus and comfort if you want to impress

You don’t need to break the bank to make a good first impression. Simply focus on a few elements for maximum impact.

  • Clever use of colour is so effective. A carefully placed splash of colour can be very effective especially if it ties in with your logo or company theme. If you are free to use any colour you want, orange is great for creating that energised buzz that meetings often lack whilst blue instils tranquillity and trust and is often favoured by creative organisations.
  • Up your style with glass. Timeless and always stylish, glass gives a feeling of space and allows you to make the most of natural light. It is also the flexible choice if you need your meeting space to fulfil many different functions. Glass partitions can be set up and taken down again quickly giving you ultimate flexibility without compromising on style. If you are concerned about a lack of privacy you could choose an opaque glass design.
  • Comfort creates the best impression. What do you want your visitors to focus on – you or their uncomfortable chair? A good impression is not just about what you can see; it’s how you feel as well. Ensure your visitors comfort with the best seating so that they can focus on what you have to say to them.
  • Create focus with a feature. A feature will make your meeting room into the wow factor that your business needs. Let your imagination run wild – a feature can be a wall or an object such as a chalk board. It could also be the furniture you place in the room. Invest some time in choosing the right chairs and they could become the feature that stands out.

Be clever with occasional chairs

A meeting room can be transformed with the clever use of occasional chairs. When you don’t need them they can be stacked, collapsed and hidden away so they do not clutter the space!

Find out more about our how our Office Furniture Online range of occasional chairs could transform your meeting space and impress your guests.

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