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Tips for setting up an effective workspace, fast

So, business is thriving and you’ve just secured a new building to get your new employees set up in. But, how do you do it in a fast and effective way? It’s possible that you’ll need to think about everything from a new paint job to everyday office supplies. It can be a stressful and demanding time but next day office furniture could take the burden off your shoulders. Take a look at some top tips for getting it all done quickly.

  • How much storage will you need?: Have you thought about the amount you’ll need to store in your new office? Do your employees need locker space? Where will you put the monthly supplies? It’s also worth noting that some of the equipment that will be stored away could be valuable. Getting a storage cabinet that has a lock will mean that the essentials you use for everyday business can be kept in a safe place over night.
  • Inspire your team: There are lots of ways to inspire but some members of your team may feel more creative after watching visual aids. Using a projector and screen or a whiteboard is an easy way of getting all of the staff together for an inspirational presentation. Recent research has also found that allowing staff to do yoga during breaks or providing a room where they can peacefully meditate means they’ll become more productive.
  • Get a meeting room table: As the saying goes, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’. Creating a good working bond between employees can make a huge difference to how things operate in the office. If there’s bad blood between staff members, it can be apparent in the atmosphere. Using a next day office furniture company means you can quickly and easily get a meeting room table that allows you to host all staff members for team building exercises. You can even purchase tables that extend for larger meetings and compact for space saving.

Using a next day office furniture company

One of the most obvious needs of a new office is furnishing. Your employees will need everything from desks to lights. The good news is, you can get everything you need from Office Furniture Online. The variety of products available means you can choose the most suitable furnishings for your business and office. For example, many employees that use a computer find an L shaped desk much more convenient to work on.

Top tip

Take a look at our massive range of products. You may find that you’ve forgotten a vital part of what your office needs. For example, many people forget that security is highly important. Your office may need a safe that protects against burglary or fire damage if your business is involved in cash handling or you have large amounts of confidential data. You can find a great variety in our product range.  With over 1 million products to choose from and free next day office furniture delivery on many products, you’ll have your new employees set up in no time!

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