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Crucial questions to ask yourself before starting your office redesign

Office design and layout is a crucial aspect for many of today’s businesses. Modern start-ups are adopting open, transparent designs, ditching traditional singular offices for hot desking, open spaces and breakout rooms. If your office is in need of a redesign, it’s important that you put some thought into it first. We’ve put together some crucial questions you need to ask before starting your office redesign to make sure you get the best fit for you and your business.

What sort of office environment do you want to create?

This is an important question when it comes to setting out your plans for your office redesign. If you want to change the dynamic of your office, encourage transparency and collaborative working then knocking down some walls and creating a more open space can be effective – bringing teams together to encourage productivity and creates a friendlier, more communicative working environment. There are many benefits to having an open office, and if you think it’s the way forward for your business, it could be very effective.

Which elements of privacy need to remain?

There will always be a need for privacy for some elements of a business. From HR issues to confidential meetings, it’s important to consider how you can secure privacy for those who need it. Breakout spaces and meeting rooms of various sizes can help people feel like they have somewhere to go when they don’t want to share with the entire office and screen guards and other IT equipment can also help people adjust to a new, open working environment. Making lockers available to employees is another way to help them adjust, whilst desks like those in our NEXT DAY Commerce II selection can help keep working areas organised and neat.

Can you make it green?

‘Going green’ isn’t just important for individuals, but for businesses too. Employees, clients and customers value companies which have green policies and that can be applied to the workplace too. There are some great tips available for making your office more environmentally friendly, and implementing paper-free policies, designated recycling bins, refillable bottles for employees and other initiatives can help reduce waste across your office and ensure a more environmentally-friendly workplace. Consider how you can fit these measures into your own office, for a move that will be appreciated across all key partners.

What do you want your office to say about your business?

Workplaces should reflect the nature of the business in order to create a strong impression on colleagues and clients. Think of how Facebook, Google, etc design their offices – they’re reflective of their brands and stand out from the rest. Whether it involves incorporating your brand’s colour scheme into the décor or bringing products and ideas to life, there are many things you can do to make sure your office reflects your brand. Your redesign is a time to innovate and re-invent, and creating a concept can really help you make the most of your redesign investment.

Simple solutions with NEXT DAY Commerce II office desks

For a more modern, streamlined office look, our NEXT DAY Commerce II office desks can create a wonderful working environment. Easy to move, with different features including built-in pedestals, NEXT DAY Commerce II office desks can quickly and easily transform your office space. Take a look at our full selection at Office Furniture Online.

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