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How to make a new starter feel welcome

Being the new person in the office can be daunting – we’ve all been there. Whilst they’ll be looking to create an impression on you, you’ll also be wanting to create an impression on them and encourage the reputation that you’re a welcoming, friendly workplace. There are plenty of things you can do to help make a new starter feel welcome and to ease them into their new role. Take a look at the tips below and unleash the welcome wagon!

Making a new starter feel welcome

Pre-first day meet and greet

If you can, try and introduce your new starter to colleagues before their first day. Invite them to drinks with the team, a team meeting or a lunch to help them get to know a few names and faces, making that first day much less daunting.

Set them up with a buddy

Even the most confident of people can feel overwhelmed in a new workplace. Setting new starters up with a ‘buddy’ is a great way to help them settle in. From showing them how to navigate the IT system to taking them for lunch and showing where tea and coffee can be made, having a specific person there for a new starter to ask questions and to get a feel of the office can be a big help and could even lead to a new-found office friendship.

Give them a welcome present

Giving new starters a welcome gift is a small gesture that will help them to feel settled. Whether it’s a new mug, some stationary or a personalised mouse mat, having something that’s theirs will make them feel welcome and part of the team and could start a new tradition each time someone new joins the team.

Ensure they’re comfortable with their workplace

New starters can feel uneasy when it comes to speaking their mind, especially when it comes to the layout of their office and desk. Rather than letting them suffer or feel awkward, ask from the very beginning whether or not they have everything they need. Making sure their workspace is all set up, that their screen offers the right degree of visibility (you can buy new ones from our NEXT DAY office screens) and that they have an adjustable chair and everything they need to work effectively. If you have rules about personal items or a clear desk policy, make this clear from when they start.


Have them spend time with all departments

Whilst there’s a lot to learn from joining a new team, there’s also a lot to learn about a new company. Help new starters find where they sit within the company by taking them around to different teams, meeting various people and understanding how everything fits within the business. At some point or another they will need to work with people outside of their team, and this is a great way to introduce them to different parts of the business.


Picking out the right office equipment, including NEXT DAY office screens

Making sure that a new starter has all the right tools to start their role is important to help them settle in and get started on their work. Items such as our NEXT DAY office screen and other office equipment can make sure they have all of the essentials, with no delays that can cause frustration. Take a look at our selection of office furniture and equipment, including NEXT DAY office screens and get your new starter set up for their new role.

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