Is your office totally boring?

December 14th, 2017
NEXT DAY reception furniture

NEXT DAY reception furniture

There’s nothing worse than being bored at work. Enjoying the work you do is huge plus factor. It makes your job less of chore and helps the time spent in the office to pass more quickly. If however you don’t enjoy your job and you find the environment boring, not only will the time seem to drag, but you’re likely to work less efficiently too.

Even if you have relatively mundane job, if the office environment is pleasant it will help to promote a more positive attitude towards work. But what is it that helps to create a more pleasant office environment?

The need for smartening-up a boring work environment

They say that change is as good as a rest, and it’s true. The same old dull monotony breeds boredom. Staring at the same four walls, the same colour scheme (or lack of colour), the same old office layout – it’s not exactly challenging. It breeds boredom, and apathy is bad for any workforce.

It’s not just the workforce that suffers of course. Management suffers too. It’s hard to motivate bored staff, and without motivation, the rate and quality of work that is carried out will deteriorate.

Visitors too can be disenchanted, if a boring work environment is extended into the reception area. Whether visitors to reception are potential members of staff, potential clients, or important stakeholders in the business, they are not going to be inspired by a dull looking reception area.

How NEXT DAY reception furniture can stimulate the environment

If you recognise any of this about your own work environment, you will want to get things changed quickly and this where NEXT DAY reception furniture comes to the rescue. It can stimulate the interest of visitors through colour, design and layout.

According to a post on the Oktra website, a specialist in sensory marketing at Oxford University revealed recent research, showing the effects that certain natural stimuli (natural light, smells, sounds, and visuals etc) can have on people’s perception of their surroundings.

It shows that Mother Nature can play a significant role in the office environment. It’s because we spend so much time away from nature, working in offices, that when we see things made from natural products, we immediately tend to empathise with them.

Introducing as much natural light into offices is a huge bonus, and by bringing living plants into the interior, we remind ourselves of Mother Nature’s beauty. Likewise introducing NEXT DAY reception furniture, with its variety of colour and natural wood finishes, can also have a positive effect.

Spicing things up with modern funky furniture

It’s not just colour and material finishes that stimulate a visitors senses, so does modern design. Staid, old-fashioned office furniture may be practical, but it also heightens the sense of boredom in terms of the awareness of one’s surroundings.

A mixture of NEXT DAY square and round natural finish coffee tables, with a sprinkling of well positioned Pentland leather faced tub chairs, can bring a nice, informal look to any reception area.

It’s a change that can be introduced quickly thanks to the availability of next day delivery.

However, once you’ve introduced the new items, don’t just sit back and think the job is done. This type of change should be reviewed periodically throughout your business premises if you want to ban boring environments, stimulate people’s perception of your company, and improve work efficiency.

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