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How to improve collaboration in your workplace

Without collaboration businesses cannot move forward and thrive. A team player is highly valued in modern organisations and team-working is a skill that is in great demand during recruitment. So, can you do anything to help the team-building ethos in your office? Here are some tips on how you can set out your office to encourage collaboration between departments and individual employees.

Utilise NEXT DAY impact desks for team working

Try out these easy steps to encourage co-working and collaboration and see productivity soar:

  1. Collaboration is not intrusion. Employees want to collaborate not live in each other’s pockets! Studies have shown that employees who do not have access to a private space that can call their own are more lily to become resentful towards their co-workers. Resentment leads to tension and this is highly damaging to collaboration. Build in some private space for each employee in your office where they can escape when they need to.
  2. Out of sight should not be out of mind! Large companies and organisations have multiple sites with employees dispersed throughout the country, continent or even world. Maintain the team spirit with regular conference calls and video conferencing. Face-to-face interactions encourage team spirit and build relationships that aid productivity.
  3. Embrace new technology. Don’t let your employees feel that they are stepping into the dark ages when they step into the office. Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is the hot new trend in office working. Match up your systems with your employees own devices so that they can communicate with one another as easily as they communicate with friends and family. Invest in a user-friendly corporate social network to engage younger employees in particular.
  4. You have to furnish collaboration! Avoid lethargy and foster collaboration by installing high energy chairs. Studies have shown that office chairs that encourage an active posture (as opposed to those that allow you to recline) increase energy levels and improve interaction between employees.
  5. Who goes where? The layout of your NEXT DAY impact desks should not be left to chance! Think carefully about who needs to collaborate with who most often and facilitate this by seating them near each other. The promotions team need to check-in often with the supply chain manager to make sure there are enough products to promote so sit them next to each other. A face-to-face chat can resolve issues quickly and prevents misunderstandings arising.

Introduce these simple measures into your workspace for a happy, healthy, collaborative work space.

Collaborate for better productivity

Safeguard productivity by dovetailing your recruitment strategy with your office organisation. Head hunt the top collaborators and then lay out your office to let them put their skills to good use. A united team, effectively communicating with each other, will benefit your reputation and your productivity.

Invest in some NEXT DAY Impact Desks from Office Furniture Online and treat your new recruits to an office space that will engage and inspire for many years to come.

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