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How to make your meetings less boring

The whole idea of holding meetings is to inform and/or reach decisions. A badly construed or managed meeting can often become boring and defeat its own objective. However, there are certain things that you can do in order to make them less boring.

Minimise the number of attendees

One of the most common causes of meetings becoming boring is having too many attendees. The more people there are, the less likely that the meeting will result in any firm decisions. It can be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

The same thing applies if there are too many speakers, or there are speakers who drone on and on for seeming hours, lulling other attendees to sleep.

Keeping the number of attendees to the bare minimum will improve the productivity of any meeting, as will other things such as:

  • Avoiding holding a meeting just for the sake of having a meeting
  • Not having open ended meetings – specify a duration and police progress
  • Make sure attendees understand the purpose of the meeting
  • Create an agenda and stick to it
  • Adopt good meeting best practice – avoid lengthy introductions; ensure speakers stick to the point and avoid rambling on; make sure attendees are well prepared and that they create on outline of what they may want to speak about.

These are all valid points as brought up by Forbes and LinkedIn columnist Ilys Pozin in his recent article entitled “Why business meetings kill productivity.”

All stand please

Another interesting idea for helping to make meeting less boring, is to hold them standing up. If meeting attendees are seated in comfortable seating, this can create lethargy. When people are stood up they are more prone to get on with things apace.

This is also true in the workplace itself and it is creating a new trend for working from as standing position – at least some of the time. Working standing up also has a number of health benefits associated with it as posited in a recent article entitled, “7 Science-based benefits of a Standing Desk.”

Introduce NEXT DAY folding tables into presentation meeting

Meetings based around presentations always tend to generate greater interest. Having something physical to present, either during a meeting or as attendees enter a meeting room, focuses people’s attention. NEXT DAY folding tables are perfect for this function, as well as for use as tables at which to seat members of the meeting.

Having tables that can be unfolded when required, then folded for easy, space saving storage once finished with, is a great advantage and enables best use to be made of limited space.

Use NEXT DAY folding tables to create new venues

Instead of having to use conventional meeting rooms, specially designed for this type of function, impromptu venues can be set-up using NEXT DAY folding tables.

This means that as well as making best use of limited or oversubscribed spaces, the use of something like NEXT DAY folding tables can also make meetings less boring because, instead using of the same old and boring meeting rooms, they can be held in different surroundings.

The less boring a meeting can be made, the more successful its outcome is likely to be.

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