Desperate for a new desk?

July 21st, 2017
NEXT DAY Nova desks

Desperate for a new desk?

A new desk is a big investment and is not something that you want to spend money on every year; after all it is likely to be a lot of money on just one item. It may be useful to add up all the hours that you spend sitting at your desk. Work out the weekly, monthly and even annual total. It adds up to a lot of hours, doesn’t it? Perhaps investing some money in a quality product like NEXT DAY Nova Desks is not such a bad idea after all!

Do you really need a new desk?

Have a go at these five checks to confirm that you really need a new desk  before you make that big decision to order one.

  1. How does it look? Have a close inspection of your desk to check for visible damage. If anything is obviously broken, chipped or hanging off then it is time to look for a replacement. A damaged desk does nothing for the image of your workplace and lowers morale. This is important even if you work from home. It is hard to have a positive attitude towards work when you are sitting at an old, scruffy desk.
  2. Size matters – a lot! Have you been struggling to complete your work tasks because your desk is too small? If you find that your work is spilling over onto the floor or onto a colleague’s desk it may be time to upgrade to a bigger model. You should be able to fit all of your office equipment safely onto your desk.
  3. Does your image need a lift? Is the image of your business detracting from your sales and your success? If you feel that visitor s leave your workplace a little unimpressed then your office furniture could be playing a role in this. Think about what sort of image you want to project and invest in it to make your dreams a reality.
  4. Are you cramped in your office space? This could be a problem if you have moved offices lately and your desk simply doesn’t fit in the new space. Or, perhaps several of you are now sharing a room and you can no longer fit in? If your desks are making the room look cluttered and it is difficult to get from one end of the room to the other without walking into things it may be time to downsize the desks.
  5. Refresh, rebrand and renew. Nothing kick-starts your fortunes in the business world like a rebrand and you’ll need a new office look to go along with this. Make a clean sweep with co-ordinated colours and styles to take your business forward.

If it’s time for a new desk there is no point in delaying it; make those changes today.

Invest in NEXT DAY Nova desks for all the hours you spend working

If you have found that any of the above apply to you, why not have a browse at the extensive range of desks like NEXT DAY Nova Desks at Office Furniture Online and fall in love with your workplace all over again!

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