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Are desk ergonomics really important?

Ergonomics is about the way in which workers interact with all of the office (or other workspace) environment and strives to recommend the healthiest ways of working. Office chairs are a big part of this but office desks should not be neglected. Investing in a high quality, ergonomic desk may be the best decision you can make for postural health.

Is it worth investing in NEXT DAY Solar Desks?

There is little point in investing hundreds of pounds in a top of the range ergonomic chair only to find that your aches and pains persist. This is when you need to take a long hard look at your office desk to see it if could be the route of the problem.

The simple act of sitting at a desk should not cause musculoskeletal problems in most people. The problem arises when workers spend prolonged periods of time at a desk. A normal working day of eight hours or more would be considered a prolonged period of time in ergonomics.

This position is unnatural. The arms are held out in front of the body (probably on a keyboard and mouse) for hours at a time and the neck is at a 45 degree angle to see a monitor. It is easier to move our bodies than the desk and the equipment on it, so that is exactly what we do! We adopt highly unsuitable and often uncomfortable positions rather than going to the effort to move furniture and equipment around.

If you work at home you may not want to make the investment in time and effort. If you are an employee you may be too embarrassed to ‘make a fuss’. The result is musculoskeletal pain and a legacy of postural problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back strain.

Three desk ergomonic facts you need to know

Before you head out and invest in NEXT DAY Solar Desks and start making major adjustments to your working position, you need to know three essential desk ergonomic facts:

  1. Desk size matters. To cut costs, or save space, it is tempting to buy a desk that is too small for your needs. Many ergonomic problems arise because office workers are trying to position their bodies, their computer equipment and a lot of paperwork on a small desk. The body gets manipulated into an awkward shape so that the screen can be seen! Have a good sort out and think about what has to be on the desk and then buy one that is the correct size.
  2. Screen position can cause neck strain. You will spend most of the working day looking at a screen and so the position of this is critical. If you have to look or down you will cause neck strain. The height of the screen and/or desk and chair need to be adjusted for comfort.
  3. Clutter obstructs access. Are files stored under the desk? It can result in the chair being too far away from the screen and a worker leaning forward to compensate which causes back strain.

Armed with these essential ergonomic facts, you can achieve total office ergonomics with NEXT DAY Solar Desks from Office Furniture Online .

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