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Creating a more relaxed working environment

Stressful jobs don’t have to come with stressful offices. A calming working environment can be an oasis in a sea of the chaos caused by our jobs. There are plenty of ways you can overhaul your office to create a more relaxed working environment, which will help you to feel more productive, more focused and more at ease. We’ve got some great tips for helping you to give your office a more relaxing touch, so what are you waiting for?

1.      Clear up your desk, use NEXT DAY office storage

This one might sound like a basic principle, but many people work around a messy desk area. Papers strewn all over the place, empty wrappers and packets and a mess of wires can leave you feeling disorganised. Set yourself a clear desk policy, ensuring that you pack away any mess at the end of the day, so that you come in to a fresh, tidy work environment the next morning. A pedestal or a filing cabinet, like those offered by NEXT DAY office storage, will give you somewhere to store your paperwork, whilst a clear out every 6 months of paperwork you no longer need will help keep your desk tidy long term.

2.      Get creative

It’s been argued by interior design experts that stressful work environments are caused by factors such as uninspired office design. By using a bit of creativity therefore, you can create an environment which is more vibrant and energised, which will help you to feel more relaxed whilst at work. Splashes of colour, some art that you enjoy as well as some decorative pieces will help to make your office more personal, putting your mind at ease at work.

3.      Make sure your working area is comfortable

An uncomfortable chair, ill-positioned desk and unbearable glare coming in through your windows can make for a frustrating office set-up. Making sure you invest in a high-quality office chair, an ergonomic desk and installing blinds/screen guards will make sure your office is more comfortable to work in. Make your desk easier to access by keeping all non-essential items in your NEXT DAY office storage, which will help to improve your posture and make things easier to find.

4.      Add music!

Believe it or not, music can make you more productive at work. The right office playlist can help you to generate ideas and think through problems, as well as helping to create some ambiance in an otherwise quiet office which can make some people feel uneasy. Classical music, chill out music and songs with a calming influence are great choices – but keep the volume down or use headphones to avoid being a nuisance to your colleagues. Your NEXT DAY office storage can even be used to house your in-office record collection!

5.      Make it personal

We’re more comfortable when surrounded by things that are familiar, and by adding some of our personal touches to our workspace, we can feel more relaxed and at ease. Add some photographs of your loved ones, whilst your favourite trinkets and even touches like a personalised mug or mouse mat can make all the difference.

The saying might be ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ but there’s no reason why your office can’t be too!  and other items to keep your office organised, fresh and relaxed will help you be more productive during the working day and leave you happier and healthier too!

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