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5 Sensational Superfoods to Boost Workplace Productivity

It’s no secret that what you eat can affect how you feel. A stodgy sandwich or pub lunch may taste great at the time, but you’ll soon feel sluggish and grumpy by mid-afternoon. The right diet can boost your energy levels, making you more productive in the workplace. Here’s 5 sensational superfoods to help you increase your office productivity.

1.    Berries

Berries are packed with antioxidants, which makes them perfect for boosting brain function. Not only do they help to improve memory and motor balance, but their antioxidant properties also serve as anti-inflammatories, which can reduce stress (and pain caused by an uncomfortable working environment). Dark coloured fruit like blueberries in particular are high in antioxidants so why not add them to your morning porridge for a filling breakfast or keep some at your desk for snacking?

2.    Eggs

Having cereal for breakfast may seem like a great way to boost your energy in the morning but the ‘sugar high’ wears off quickly, and by 11am, you could find yourself craving those biscuits that Cathy in Marketing has brought in… Eggs however contain choline, a B-Vitamin that can boost your memory as well as your reaction time – making you far more productive. They are also rich in protein which will help you burn energy at a slower pace and can stop those pesky cravings.

3.    Dark chocolate

If you crave something sweet with your afternoon cup of tea , then opt for some dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate or biscuits. Dark chocolate contains flavanols which are good for your brain, have anti-inflammatory properties and has even been used to help treat brain injuries in the past. A bit of dark chocolate will help improve your mood too, making you more likely to power through tasks at work

4.    Salmon

Oily fish is very good for getting your intake of Omega 3s. These are said to promote good brain health, as well as boost your memory. A study also showed that those who consumed fish oil regularly experienced decreased depression, another way to ensure that you stay productive at work. A salmon salad or some salmon with vegetables makes a filling, low-fat and nutritional lunch which is a great alternative to sandwiches or chips.

5.    Green tea

The caffeine found in tea and coffee can give you that burst of energy which is sometimes needed after a late night or an early start. Adding some green tea to your daily diet however can help to improve your performance at work. Not only does green tea contain many antioxidant but it can also help to boost your memory and task performance. If you can’t give up your regular English breakfast tea or coffee completely, fitting some cups of green tea into your day can also help you out.

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