We know that they do when it comes to meeting someone for the first time as we will always judge a person by their appearance, demeanour and presentation, whether we like it or not. But does the same apply to inanimate objects such as the furniture in a meeting room?

Not unsurprisingly the answer is yes, and the subconscious impression a meeting room makes on those entering it can radically alter the way a meeting goes.

Overall first impressions are made up of what our senses are telling us, and meeting room furniture can tell people a lot by its visual appearance, its feel and its smell.  This may sound strange but think back to meetings you’ve been to where the look of a filthy chair has immediately made you more concerned about your clothes than the matters on the agenda. Think also of how it feels to sit on some of these chairs and consider whether that feeling has had any influence over your decisions on the day? And finally, if you’ve ever been to a meeting where the furniture smells, perhaps of pets or smoke, then you’ll know just how desperately you wanted to get away irrespective of the meeting outcome.

It may seem surprising therefore that when a business has so much control over how their premises appear to visitors that so many fail to do anything about it. Now there’s no excuse as Office Furniture Online have available an enormous range of Meeting Room Furniture at a range of prices that means even the smallest start up business now has no excuse for poor presentation.

Remember, you wouldn’t want to show people into your home if it looked that shabby, so why compromise with your business?

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