The Wow Factor: Designing a meeting room to impress

If a business was to give a first impression, the meeting room would be it. Getting the design and ambience of a meeting room is highly important if you want to attract more business and retain your existing clients. It’s a key place that portrays how the business functions, and the events taking place within that space are often crucial to the success of the company.  Here are some tips to help you get that all-important room just right:

  1. Make it big enough: It doesn’t matter whether the meeting room is enclosed or in an open space, the table must be big enough and there must be enough seats for all attendees. It can be a good idea to invest in a modular table arrangement so that you have flexibility to accommodate large groups, smaller get-togethers and to incorporate boardroom, cabaret or presentation style seating to best suit the meeting taking place.
  2. Ensure your privacy: Any formal meeting room needs to be able to provide a respectable level of privacy to its users. Confidential information may be discussed here, so being able to close blinds, shut doors and be confident you have suitable acoustic insulation is crucial to a well-designed room.
  3. Shine a light: The lighting of your meeting room can be cleverly used to alter the ambience and to make the room suitable for a host of different meeting types. Dimmable lighting can be a great investment, as can blackout blinds to ensure good visibility of projected presentations.
  4. Boost your brand: Try to let your brand identity shine through in everything you choose and use in your meeting room. Chances are new clients will spend most of their early contact time with your company in this room, so think about colours, styles and placement of logos to reinforce your brand image.
  5. Don’t cut corners on comfort: Getting the right meeting room furniture can make all the difference. If you want people to listen carefully, to maintain concentration and to approach meetings in this room positively, making sure they are not distracted by a sore bottom is a great place to start.

Choose meeting room furniture that will really make a difference

A great meeting room will include carefully selected furniture that both serves a function and does a great job aesthetically too. Some companies may have the luxury of a purpose build boardroom, in which case they can invest in a glorious boardroom table and appropriately grand seating for the room.

However, for many companies, the meeting room needs to be a multi-functional space. It needs to be comfortable and serious enough to host crucial contract negotiations, but enlightening and friendly enough for the weekly team meeting too. It might be used for training courses, job interviews, presentations and more. For many companies, their office furniture needs to tick boxes in all sorts of places if it’s to be a wise and well thought out investment for them.

Check out the range of styles and choice of meeting room furniture available in our catalogue. From modular tables to stacking chairs, we can help you create the perfect impressive, flexible meeting room space that will help your company to achieve more.

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