The ideal home office is one where you have everything available that you would have in any other office environment, but with the advantage of not having to commute to work! This type of working appeals to more and more people these days and employers also know that with the provision of super-fast broadband to many parts of the country it can make financial sense to have employees working from home.

So if you have found yourself in this position, or are looking to set up a brand new home office, perhaps for a new business venture, then what do you need as a minimum?

The obvious answer is of course a desk and a chair, but depending on the space you have available then there is so much more you could do with good home office furniture. Our ranges include matching bookcases and filing cabinets as well as drawers, computer units, desk ends, glass fronted cabinets – you name it and we stock it.

First you should consider the space you have to work in and then look to build your office solution around that. If you are working in a limited space then consider a desk and storage unit combination to make best use of your limited resources. Always choose the best chair that you can as you will spend hours sitting in it and remember the Health & Safety aspects of your work and aim to get a desk with a monitor pedestal on it so you can sit and work with your computer at the right height. Try and get a good pin board or whiteboard for your office as well as this will become a focal point for the work that you do.

Finally if space and budget permits go for matching bookcases and filing cabinets as they add a great finishing touch to a home office.

All our home office furniture is available with free delivery, most of it next day so you can get everything you need in one place.


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Random Glossary term

  • Operator Chair

    This is an office or desk chair used by general operational staff. It is generally comfortably padded and adjustable; it will be able to swivel 360 degrees and will often be on castors for movement around a workstation area.  It is also known as a task chair.

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