Oriented Stand Board (OSB)

November 15th, 2017

Oriented stand board, (OSB), consists of wood flakes, processed to a particular method as an alternative wood composite material.

To make OSB, the following process of manufacturing takes place:

  1. wood logs are fed into a lathe-like machine where wood bark is removed and the machine chews up the logs completely to produce flakes of wood.
  2. The wood flakes are sifted. This eliminates the very tiny particles.
  3. The material is then mixed with waxes and heat-triggered resin glues.
  4. Layers of the wood, wax and glue fibres are placed in alternating directions, at right angles alternately.
  5. This is then placed in a thermal press to activate and compress the loose materials. The wax covered resin  activates and bonds.
  6. The wood based panels are trimmed and grade stamped.

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