July 31st, 2017

The injection and impregnation of wood are treatments to preserve the wood and give it durability, to make it fire resistant and protect against shrinkage. The treatment ensures the long-term preservation of poles of coniferous wood. The treatment involves soaking the timber for a long period in open vats of hot liquid in which the poles are left until the liquid cools down. Alternatively, they can be treated in an autoclave through a vacuum or under pressure or the wood can be deeply impregnated – usually with thermosetting plastics or molten metal. Impregnation with thermosetting plastics – for example amino-resins or phenolic resins – is often applied to very thin veneers that are built up into laminated wood but not to solid wood.

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  • Office Desks

    An office desk is designed for the office environment and is more durable to withstand wear and tear.  They are available in many different shapes, sizes, materials, colours and combinations with other office furniture. Office desks are built from tougher more durable materials than a standard home desk, but are suitable for a home office.

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