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Could your home office work better for you?

Increasing numbers of people are opting to work remotely or to start their own freelance or small business. For most of us, that means working from home – at least in the beginning. While it’s tempting to just pull up a chair and work on your laptop at the kitchen table, you’re not going to work effectively.

Distractions, discomfort and disorganisation all make you a less effective home worker. It’s worth taking the time to get things just right. We look at five factors that you need to adjust to ensure you perform to your best when working from home.

The five things you need to do to get your home office just right

  1. Space – When you are home working, space is often at a premium. We don’t all have a spare room sitting empty that can be converted into a home office, so you often have to be smart with space. The first thing you need to consider is which room will be used least while you’re working and make that room do double duty.If everyone else is out of the house during the day, you could consider setting up a desk in the living room. Or, if you have family around during the day, think about setting up in the bedroom, which is less likely to be used.
  2. Get rid of distractions – Wherever you decide to set up camp, get rid of unnecessary distractions that will prevent you from working to full capacity. Make sure there are no TVs on in the background. Keep the room tidy so you’re not tempted to start clearing things away when you should be working. If you share your space, set some boundaries so that people know not to disturb you while you’re working.
  3. Technology – Using the right technology will help you to work effectively. Invest in an all-in-one printer scanner that you can have beside you. That way you have important documents to hand and can scan expenses and receipts. A large external backup hard drive is crucial too; you don’t want to lose hard work because of a soft- or hardware failure.
  4. Organisation and storage – Keep your important documents stored properly and filed appropriately so that you never lose anything. Pedestal drawers, small filing cabinets and cupboards can all be employed to ensure that everything is kept where it should be. Or, move with the times and store everything on the cloud!
  5. Your workstation – Your desk and chair could, believe it or not, be the most crucial purchases you make. You’re going to be sitting at your desk for long periods of time, so choose furniture that is ergonomically-designed for health and comfort. Make sure your desktop is laid out for ease of access.

Triumph Everyday Desks – a great choice for your home office

If you’re considering investing in a new desk for your home office, you must take a look at our Triumph Everyday Desks. These desks come in a range of desktop styles and wood finished to complement not only the look of your home office, but also your everyday needs.

Triumph Everyday Desks come with an incredible 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee which means they are a real investment in the future of your business. Browse our full range here and chat to our sales team for advice on choosing the perfect desk for your needs.

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