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What makes you work harder?

If you’re just moving into your new home office, chances are you’re more than a little excited about furnishing it with beautiful things. Before you start purchasing, however, give some thought to what you need in your space in order to be productive, as working from home can often be challenging on the motivational front. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Recreate the places where you’re most productive

Sometimes working in a traditional office arrangement isn’t best for our productivity. Some of us work better in coffee shops, some in a library, or perhaps under a tree on a sunny day. Wherever you find yourself most in tune with your workload, try to bring some of that into your home office design to create a more productive work environment.

  1. Discover your productivity playlist

Not everyone works best in complete silence; if you do, then music is not necessary. However, for many of us having a bit of background motivational music can be super beneficial and can block out other distractions and noise around us. Find out what your brain responds best to, try classical, jazz, pop or white noise, and find your perfect playlist for a productive day.

  1. Organise your drawers to find the essentials easily

Spending half an hour searching for your stapler is an obvious waste of what could be productive time, so figure out which things you need most often and organise your drawers accordingly. Put your most frequently needed items in the top drawer and less regularly used things further down and commit to putting things back where you found them.

  1. Keep ergonomics in mind

Being uncomfortable is one of the main reasons for work fatigue, and for losing your motivation too early in the day. Sitting down all day might be necessary for your job, but doing it uncomfortably is not. Invest in highly ergonomic chairs and a solid, reliable desk such as those in our Cambridge Solid Oak Home Office Furniture range.

  1. Let the light in

Working in darkness by only electric light is certain to make you feel fatigued early on, so open up your blinds and let natural light flood in. If you only have a small window, use a mirror on the opposite wall to double the light in the room. If you’re a bit of a night owl, consider installing daylight bulbs to make working when its dark outside less taxing on your eyes.

Creating your own home office is an exciting time, so don’t be afraid to invest your cash in high quality pieces that are designed to last. Check out our range of Cambridge Solid Oak Home Office Furniture for beautiful, luxurious pieces that will make you feel like royalty every time you sit at your desk.

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