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Working from home is not without its challenges… our tips can help you stay focused

More people than ever are choosing to work from home, either in a flexible working arrangement with their employer or by freelancing or running a small business of their own. Home working offers many benefits, including flexible hours, a sense of freedom and improved work/life balance.

However, there are downsides – especially when you’re first starting out, it can be difficult to shut out distractions and stay focused when you’re working from home.

Here we look at some handy ways to reduce distraction and help you to stay in the zone!

How to stay focused in your home office

Dedicated area for work

Having a dedicated working space will help you no end if you want to reduce distraction. Working in a busy room shared by the family, or in the living room where the temptation of the TV is dangerously present, can have a massive impact on productivity, so carve out a space for yourself in a room that’s used less than the others.

We’d suggest negotiating this first if you share you space with others though!

Keep to a routine

It’s easy to resist routine when you’re working from home – part of the appeal is being able to “set your own hours”. And yet, we rarely do set our hours. We start late in the morning and work late at night, or forget to have an “end of day” routine, leaving us working more than ever and forgetting to have a personal life.

Set working hours that you stick to as rigidly as you can and you’ll stay focused and productive.

Use time trackers

There are more ways than ever to track your time, including phone apps, browser addons and desktop devices. offers a fantastic way to keep track of how much time you spend on each task, with a browser addon and a desktop addition that can automatically track what you do and when. Use it to find out where you’re losing hours browsing social media, for example.

Get out and about

For many of us, travelling to work is the only time we get outside (and get exercise) when we’re working in an office. When you’re working from home, even that little activity is gone. Make sure you get outside by taking the laptop to a café to work or taking a short walk in the park at lunchtime.

Corner Computer Desks – stay focused and get the job done!

Getting the perfect set up for your home office can help you to stay focused. If space is at a premium, consider corner computer desks. They are economical in terms of space and their integrated storage helps you stay organised, with all the essentials close at hand.

We carry a massive range of Corner Computer Desks that come in a range of styles, configurations and finishes and to suit any budget. Our sales team are always on hand if you need help choosing the perfect desk to help you stay focused in your home office and you can view all of our ranges here.

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