"Expert Tip - FYI: This is a multi featured desk, you can sit and stand at it."

t63FvTkEB8GEEiwB1DysoWb1TH8DYhIxStanding Office Desk with a built in AI that learns from you and adjusts itself

The new standing office desk from Stir is a marvel in its own right. Stir’s forward thinking has taken this designer looking office desk onto the next level by implemented an artificial intelligence that learns from your sitting behaviour and adjusts itself accordingly. It’s like something has been plucked from a futuristic sci-fi movie and landed right on our doorstep. It’s the brainchild of Stir, which was founded by JP Labrosse (who used to work on the first genre of iPods – see the similarity?). JP is trying to make a mundane office or home office item fashionable and in my expert opinion he had done it.

Availability of Stir Kinetic Desk

The Stir kinetic desk which will ship approx in the first half of 2014 has a built in thermal sensor (much like a boiler, fridge, car etc.). The sensors first job notices that you’ve arrived and over time it learns how long you prefer to be on your feet before taking a break. The Stir desk is fully motorised and has a futuristic control panel which allows you to control certain aspects of its ‘being’. To lower the desk (26″ range) all you need to do is double double tap the control panel and adjust to your perfect height. Once shipping starts there will be two color options for the lacquered wood surface and four different choices of accent colors for the undercarriage and charging drawers.

Stir Standing Kinetic Desk Features

What can a desk do? Well other than put things on it like a typical desk, the Stir kinetic desk constantly measures your being. Which means you can program it to monitor certain aspects, such as how much of the day you want to stand, how many calories you’ve burnt, or how much time you’ve spent sitting. The desk will eventually link in with realtime monitoring fitness tracking services like fitbit. The Stir kinetic desk only has one button (similar to an iPod perhaps?, simplicity wins out?) Press the button and the desk will enter active mode which will remind you to take periodic breaks by rising up and down, or tell you when its time for you to stop and walk around. It has an anti intrusive design, so it’s more like someone whispering in your ear “Go take a talk” rather than some Sergent Major screaming down your neck to-do 10 press ups. The desk is simply powered by one plug, which splits off into an 8 port outlet helping you maintain a minimalistic design, it also has built-in USB ports.

Price : $3,890 +
Ships : Early 2014
Official Website : http://www.stirworks.com/

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