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Do you dream of working from home?

Working from home is an increasingly popular business trend, and many employees report it makes them more productive, less stressed and happier in their job. They also tend to save both time and money, with no more commuting to be done or parking fees to pay, and enjoy the autonomy that working from home gives them.

Many bosses have seen the benefits of home working for themselves, and are very open to the suggestion of a regular working from home agreement. Others are maybe not so enthused by the idea. If your boss needs convincing that working from home could be good for you, here’s how to channel your persuasive skills to get what you want….

Be clear on your own motivations

Why do you want to work from home? If it’s because you think you’d like to get up later, answer a few emails in your PJ’s then settle down to Jeremy Kyle, chances are this isn’t going to work for you, or your boss. However, if your motivation is truly professional, you should be able to put a convincing case forward.

Dealing with ringing phones, co-worker chit chat and back to back meetings can sometimes mean your crucial projects don’t get the attention they deserve. This is more than a good reason to work from home, so tell your boss what your issues are and how you can see if working better for you.

Create a real home office

Not many of us are blessed with the space to be able to turn a spare room into a home office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work from home. If you need to turn your dining table into a workspace, to rejig your lounge to fit in a laptop desk or add a compact desk to the corner of your bedroom, do it. As long as you’re comfortable and have space to work, you’ll be fine.

Getting everything ready at home will demonstrate to your boss that you’re serious about this flexible working business, and will show that you’ve really thought things through. It will also give you a positive mental attitude about the outcome of your persuasive conversation, and will give you the confidence to put your case forward well.

Have a plan in place

Think about how often you want to work from home, and why. Do you need a day a week, or two? Which days would work better for you and your team? Think about what is going to give your boss concern, and pre-empt their worries by preparing solutions to their objections.

Be as flexible as you can too. Your boss will want to be reassured that you can be available for crucial meetings, even if you’re scheduled as working at home. Suggest a pilot phase, maybe just working at home for a few hours or one day, so you can prove to them that it’s going to work for everyone.

If you’re ready to set up your home office, our laptop desks are the perfect solution. Lightweight, compact and robust, you can create your own office nook in your home, ready for when your boss says ‘yes’.

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