Slow internet

Nothing is more frustrating than an achingly slow internet connection

Slow broadband, poor quality calls and a lack of mobile network coverage are hampering millions of UK home workers, according to a survey carried out by uSwitch. A quarter of respondents said their mobile or broadband service had caused them problems when working from home.

Half of all people surveyed said that their experiences with these problems were so severe that they have stopped working from home. However, uSwitch also reports that half of all adults in the UK fail to check service levels in their area before signing up to broadband services.

With increasing numbers of employers and staff opting for flexible working arrangements and a growing freelance workforce, broadband speeds and stable mobile networks can make the difference between success and failure. Luckily, there are things you can do to improve upon these.

Getting the most out of your broadband and mobile coverage

It’s crucial when you’re signing up for a new broadband or mobile deal that you check network coverage and speeds in the area. Too many people in the UK look for the “best deal” when choosing a provider, swayed by low monthly costs or free items such as phones or tablets.

However, it’s important that you consider the quality of service you are getting. Providers are required to provide details of their coverage and speeds and you can check these on their own websites as well as comparison and speedtest websites.

If you’re working from home, it’s imperative that you get the best speeds for broadband, so considering signing up for a fibre-optic cable service; they are faster and more reliable. Check speeds for your area before doing so.

Check the network coverage for your postcode area before signing up for a mobile network and consider installing a landline if you expect to be making a lot of calls to customers and clients. If you have a fast broadband service but poor mobile coverage, think about making internet-based VOIP (Voice Over IP) calls instead.

Other tips for increasing speeds

Slow internet can also be affected by your own PC. If your browser is running a large number of apps or extensions, you might want to think about pruning it back to just the essentials. Don’t download large files while you’re working online or making internet calls.

You might also want to look at repositioning your router nearer to where you work. And a hard line ethernet connection is always likely to be more stable than broadband wireless signals, so think about connecting your PC direct to your router.

Triumph Metrix Office Desks – ideal for the home office

While your office furniture might not be the first thing you consider when looking at your broadband speeds, the proper set up could help you to have your router nearer your PC and generally improve how you work.

Triumph Metrix Office Desks are modern, stylish desks that are ideal for the home office. They come in a full range of desktop shapes so you can choose a style that allows you to have all of your equipment to hand. They also come in 8 modern wood finishes to complement your room.

Buying a new desk is an investment in your business and, because the Triumph Metrix Office Desks come with a massive 10-year guarantee, you know they’re built to last. Check out our full range here and get the help you need to choose the perfect configuration from our sales advice team.

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