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So, you’re starting your new course, and you want a workstation that’s going to see you through in comfort and style. Like most students, you’re no doubt strapped for cash, so you want to get your purchase right the first time. Here’s what you need to look for in your computer desk for University.

Look for something compact

Your digs are probably not going to be most generously proportioned, so chances are you’ll have to cram your working space in between the bed and the door… somehow. Choosing compact desks means you’ll need less floor space but will still have a good working area to use.

Choose one with a keyboard and mouse tray

Being able to slide away your keyboard and mouse can be incredibly helpful, and can save space and potential beer-spill accidents from destroying your technology. Some slide away trays will even accommodate your laptop too, keeping it safe and secure whilst freeing up the top of your desk for, well, beer.

Using a tower PC? Opt for off the ground storage

Your tower PC will gather all manner of dust and debris if it’s placed on the floor, so look for a desk with a CPU cage or holder to raise your PC and store it under your desk. Your PC will stay safe, will cool better and will stand less chance of breaking down the morning your thesis is due in.

Look favourably on mobile computer desks

Mobile computer desks offer the best of all worlds. They tend to be fairly compact, and can be tucked away into a corner when not in use. You can easily move them around the room to improve the lighting or sit near the heater, and when you come to move to new digs next year, taking your workstation with you will be a doddle.

Choose a desk with storage

Staying tidy at university can be hard, what with the limited space in your room and all the hangovers. Any desk that offers additional storage space for your stationary, files and folders is going to be a huge help, so don’t be shy about paying a few extra pennies for something a bit better. Look for deep drawers that will take an A4 file standing up, and for shallow top drawers to store your pens and other stationary.

Splash out on ergonomic improvements

You’re going to spend a fair bit of time at your desk over the next three or four years, so make it comfortable. Look for a monitor riser, to bring your screen up to eye level and stop you slouching. Invest in a wrist rest to raise up your hands. And consider a foot rest to help adjust your spine posture and keep your back in good health.

We stock several models of compact, useful desks for students, and with our great low prices you’ll have change left over for books (or beer). Check out our range of mobile computer desks here at Office Furniture Online, and find your perfect student workstation right here.

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