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Balancing work and parenting can be a tough job.

You might remember the interview recently where a guest, Professor Robert Kelly, was interrupted by his children entering his home office while he was live on BBC News. Much hilarity ensued as his wife attempted to retrieve the children while the Professor failed to hide his discomfort.

While most parents who work from home aren’t likely to find themselves live on BBC News, you can probably empathise with the Professor. Having kids running around while you’re trying to work can be distracting and cause stress for you and the family.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to improve harmony when you’re working from home.

Five tips for finding harmony as a home working parent

1. Use a dedicated space

Working from a room that’s regularly in use by the kids and other family members is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t have a spare room you can use, negotiate a space in one of the other rooms with the rest of the family and keep that as your office.

2. Set clear guidelines

Routine is always important when you’re working from home, but it becomes even more crucial when you’re sharing your space. Agree on clear guidelines with the other family members, including your working times and when, and why, you can be disturbed. With children around it’s of course important that you’re available if there are emergencies, but you’ll need to work hard to impress upon the kids what constitutes an emergency – and what doesn’t!

3. Soundproof your office

Good soundproofing can prevent you going mad with distraction. Kids running around, shouting and causing mayhem in another part of the house will get to you after a while if you hear it constantly. Acoustic shielding has come a long way and is more affordable than ever.

4. Start your day early

Getting up well in advance of the rest of the family is a fantastic way to get a head start on the day when you know you’ll have plenty of peace and quiet. Starting early is considered by many to be great for productivity anyway and if you’ve already got three hours of work in before anyone else is out of bed, it means you can take a natural break to spend breakfast with the family before getting back to work.

4. Relax!

Above all else, having humour and learning to relax will go a long way. Being a parent is chaotic at the best of times and it’s a given that if you’re working from home, you will be distracted at times. Learning to roll with it and laugh at it will mean you get back to work far quicker than if you let the stress build up.

Triumph Lineal Bench Desks are great for the home working parent

Bench desks have made a comeback in recent years and the Triumph Lineal Bench Desks range could be the perfect answer to setting up a home office if you’re a parent. They are economical in terms of space which allows you to easily set up shop in a shared-use room.

Triumph Lineal Bench Desks can be configured to suit your needs and come with a range of addons that will keep your all-important documentation away from the kids. With a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, they’re also built to last.

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