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Just because your office space is tiny, doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing! Small is beautiful!

Working in a very small office space can be hugely challenging. The limited space can make it harder to organise the layout and it can be difficult to pack in all the equipment that you need. This can cause a problem for your business. There is a direct correlation between working environment and productivity. There is no doubt that workers who are happy in their work environment are more productive.

Moving to a larger premises is simply not an option for many small businesses especially those that are starting up. The good news is that there is plenty that you can do to make the most of the limited space that you have.

Fitting next day Direct Desks into a small office space

Workspace comfort and postural health cannot be compromised, even in a small space. Therefore, you need to be creative about how you place your next day Direct Desks into the workplace. Here are some design ideas that will make the most of the floor space available:

  • Construct paired islands. Group the desks into pairs and arrange them facing each other. They look a bit like islands around the room. A top tip is to rotate employees around the desks on a regular basis so that they have the opportunity to build good working relationships with all their colleagues.
  • Blocked work stations. In this design you will arrange desks in groups of 4. This is particularly good for facilitating team working and collaboration. Once again, frequent rotation of staff will encourage team working across the whole workforce.
  • The bull pen arrangement. Here the desks form an inner-facing shape so that every worker is facing all of their colleagues. The shape can be a circle, square or rectangle depending on the available space. It is reminiscent of tents arranged around a camp fire and fosters a great team spirit as well as aiding swift communication.

The above ideas allow you to effectively use the space that you have and keep your workers happy and productive at the same time.

Keeping the space flexible

The key to maximising a small space is to make everything in it multi-functional and mobile. Moveable desks are one option and provide a supremely flexible working area. Designating a large table as a meeting area is a waste of space. Instead, opt for some standing desks which can be used for regular work but which can also be pushed together to form a meeting table when required. The same principle can be applied to chairs. Ensure that they are all on castors so that they can be pushed to any location where they are required. Fold away chairs are very useful for when you have visitors.

You can make the most of your limited office space by browsing the wide range of office furniture at Office Furniture Online. By making the right selection of next day Direct Desks and matching chairs you can do a big job in a small space!

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