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If this looks familiar, you might need some of our tips!

There are many advantages to having a home office. Increasingly, more people are splitting their time between the office and working remotely and many people are opting to work from home full time.

Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, remote worker or your job allows you to work from home for some of the week, your home office can allow flexibility.

Here’s some advice on making sure you set up your home office desk so that you can be as productive as you are in the work office.

Making your home office as productive as your work office

Separate work and personal

If you’re lucky enough to have space, dedicate a room solely as your office. Don’t use it for anything else. Don’t turn part of the space into a dressing room, storage space or home.

If you don’t have an extra room you’re going to have to be extra careful here. Don’t use the room when other people are in it, watching TV for instance – you will be distracted by the news or some other program that’s on in the background.

A careful layout can help you to separate your personal and work life. Face your desk away from the rest of the room, designate a whole corner for work and use shelving or screens as partitions.

Add a personal touch

This is your space. You don’t have an office manager to tell you what you can have on your desk. You can personalise it how you wish. Surround yourself with inspiring art, set up the office space so that you’re near the window, accent the space with creative colours – any of these choices are yours to make. They’ll make you feel more comfortable and more productive as a result.

Upgrade your seating

Whatever your do, don’t be tempted to scrimp on your seating. Don’t use that dining room chair as a makeshift office chair, for example. Your body will suffer from discomfort and pain and you’ll be so distracted that you won’t be able to work effectively. Shell out on a comfortable, ergonomically-designed office chair and you’ll focus more on the task at hand.

Invest in a better desk

It’s common for home workers to make do, to begin with. Maybe you had an old computer desk that you decided to start using. It’s not worth it in the long run – computer desks don’t have much space on them so you’ll feel cramped and they usually don’t come with integrated storage. Invest in a solid desk, perhaps with a drawer pedestal, and you’ll have room to breathe and efficient storage too.

Consider our Consulate Office Desks

If you’re considering upgrading your desk, take a look at our range of Consulate Office Desks. Traditional and affordable, they come with a full range of storage add-ons so that you can completely organise your home working life.

Consulate Office Desks come in a choice of two colours and are supplied with circular cable ports so you can keep your space tidy. You can view the full range here and get help with choosing the right desk from our friendly sales team.

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