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We spend over a third of our lives at work. While we often put a lot of thought and care into designing our homes for optimum use and comfort, the same can’t always be said of our workspaces. Actually, research has shown that over 90% of employees reported being dissatisfied with their work environments.

In fact, crafting and designing the optimum workspace could not only improve your brand but also the productivity of your workforce. Choosing the right collection of furniture can help.

Why is office design important?

The design of your work environment is crucial to how you actually work. Is your work environment open plan? This can encourage collaboration and cross-team working, but it can also have the downside of being noisy and distracting.

Is the office made up of smaller, separate rooms? This gives workers privacy but can make them feel disconnected from the rest of their colleagues.

One fantastic solution that many employers are looking into is having a combination of both layouts. Employees work at desks within a large, open plan area, but there are “break-out” areas or separate offices for them to conduct private business, or where they can go if they need peace to concentrate on a tricky or detailed task.

Why don’t more employers do this?

Many employers are hesitant to try new things. If the office layout has always been one way, for example, they may resist changing it in case it creates problems. Not only that, but changing the office layout often means buying new furniture, which can seem like a headache.

Ironically, though, keeping the status quo may be harming your bottom line. Do you know how your employees actually feel about their working environment?

If you don’t know the answer to this, ask them! Gather data through informal chats, team sessions and staff surveys. You might find the answers surprising. Changing the layout of the office could result in more a more harmonious, collaborative work environment, inspiring your staff force to work smarter and harder.

Accolade office desks – a solution to workplace design

If you’re considering redesigning your office space, consider Accolade office desks. This could be the solution. This is an inspirational, stylish range of office furniture that means you can kit out your office with the same style throughout.

You could opt for bench desks, as many employers are doing, or the wave or combination desks you might be used to. Accolade office desks come a full range of fresh and modern or classic and professional colours, have integrated cable management systems and can provide you with choice.

Designing an office that is both open plan and has space for staff to work in privacy or peace is easy with this versatile and broad range. Find out more about it here and talk to our sales advice team for help in designing the inspirational office for the modern workforce.

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