cluttered desk drawer

Is this a familiar sight? If so, maybe it’s time for a clear out.

Working in a cluttered and untidy environment can sap your enthusiasm and your productivity. Why not set a few hours aside to do something about it? If you are investing in next day Aura Desks for your workspace you will want to show them off and not cover them with mountains of paper. Here are some tips for having an effective de-clutter that will make you feel better about your workspace and become more productive.

A 5 point plant for decluttering next day Aura Desks

Next day Aura Desks do not look their best when they are untidy. Put this 5 point plan into practice to make your desk supremely organised and clear of clutter.

  1. Start with a blank canvas. The most effective de-clutters start by taking everything out of a room. This works far better than sorting things out within the room itself. You will immediately feel better in an empty room and will not want to rush to fill it back up again with junk. If you don’t have anywhere to move it to, wait for a dry day and put it outside!
  2. When did you last use it? Look at every item before you move it back in and think about when you last used it. If it was months ago, do you really need it? Could it be moved to a loft-space or storage room if you really cannot bear to get rid of it all together?
  3. Spot the trip hazards. Office spaces are notorious for trailing cables and they are so unsightly. Look into ways in which they could be hidden or at least gathered together so they don’t take up so much space.
  4. Hide what you can’t get rid of. Obviously you cannot get rid of everything but this does not mean that everything has to be on display. Cupboards and filing cabinets can hold a huge quantity of files and equipment but can still look clear and clean. Try to get in the habit of putting things away when they are not being used.
  5. Don’t get carried away. It’s nice to have a de-cluttered office but don’t forget that you do have a job to do. You cannot get rid of everything! There will be files and papers that are essential for the project that you are working on and you will need these close at hand.

Follow these simple 5 tips and your office space will take on a minimalist vibe. You will find that your concentration improves and stress levels are reduced.

Keeping your workspace free from clutter

Now that you have an organised workspace you need to keep it that way. Look at the wide range of storage options at Office Furniture Online and choose cabinets and cupboards to hide your clutter.

Take some time every day to clear out everything that is no longer needed and put everything back in its place. You can use a desk tidy and files to keep your important stationary and papers in order.  It will help you focus on your work tasks and cuts down on distractions.

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