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Choosing a great gaming desk will make you very popular with your teen!

No amount of nagging is going to get your teen off the computer games. If you have an Xbox in your house then your teens are going to want to play on it. You could try turning off the broadband or cutting the electricity supply but this is only going to result in a huge row swiftly followed by sulks and much eye rolling.

An alternative approach is needed here. Placing Xboxes on Corner Desks is a clever move. It banishes the action to the corner of the room and stops it from being the central attraction. It also means that you can locate the desk in the family area because Corner Desks can be fitted next to TVs, behind sofas and in conservatories without taking up too much space. The point here is that these are rooms that you are normally in. This puts you in a good position to monitor what is going on and intervene as necessary!

Buying gaming Corner Desks for your teen

There is a huge range of gaming desks to choose from and it can be confusing. Think about the following requirements when you start your search.

  • What size and shape desk do you need? Measure the space in the room where the desk will be located. What is the maximum size that it can be? Think about how much equipment you need to fit on it, the size of console, size and shape of screen and so on. You can select a rectangle, L-shaped, or U-shaped desk according to your needs.
  • How strong to you need it to be? Gaming equipment can be heavy! It may not be supported by the cheaper, flimsier desks. Always buy the best desk that you can afford as it will be strong enough to stand the test of time.
  • Do you need any additional features? You may want cabinets or a sliding shelf for a keyboard. You will need to swallow your pride and talk to your teen about this because they are the experts.

It is worth taking some time to think carefully about what you want from a desk. It is a big investment and mistakes can be costly.

Spotting the best desk for you

Here are some tips for spotting a great gaming desk.

  • Choose a design that is good for your teens back. Many postural problems can be traced back to adolescence. Look after your teen’s postural health by purchasing a desk with a good height measurement so that it is easy to reach the keyboard and mouse.
  • Choose a model that will last. Most desks are made from a combination of wood, glass, and PVC. Look for materials that will not chip or scratch and for a classic style that will not date.
  • Make sure you can assemble it. If you purchase a self-assembly model make sure that you can put it together. A top tip here is to get your teen to do it. They are far better than adults at this sort of thing.

Why don’t you and your teen have a browse at the selection of desks at Office furniture Online to find a model that suits you both.

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  • Keyboard Tray

    A unit that attaches to the underside of a computer desk or work surface that holds a keyboard.  The keyboard tray may be sliding, to tidy away at the end of working.

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