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Getting a great desk for your home office can help you be more productive

Multitasking is the buzz word of this decade but did you know that it applies to desks as well as people? If you work from home you may not have the room for a desk that is reserved purely for office work. It will have to perform other functions if it is going to earn its place in your flat or house.

This can make choosing desks from the Elite Office Furniture UK range a bit tricky. Here is some help if you are pondering over the best desk for your lifestyle.

Buying Elite Office Furniture UK desks for your lifestyle

Take some detailed measurements of the space that you have available. Now get an old cardboard box or an old sheet and cut out the dimensions of the desk that you are planning on buying. Place it in the location that you want the desk to be and leave it there for a few days. If it gets in the way then probably the desk will too and you may need to re-think your plans.

Hutch desks and secretary desks are both great options to save floor space because they utilise vertical areas. Rolling plastic workstations are even better because you can move them around easily when you need to. Corner desks are perfect for making the most of that awkward space in the corner of your dining room that you cannot find a use for.

If space is not an issue then you can let your imagination run riot. Why not check out the flat-front or bow-front executive desks that allow you to leave your work spread out over a large area. This is perfect for artists and designers or those working on large, visual projects. Alternatively, you could try U- and L-shaped desks which suit computer based work.

Deciding on the final look

The aesthetics of your home-working area is vital. You don’t want an ugly desk casting a shadow over your stylish lounge or dining room. Choose a line that has a broad range of colours and styles to fit in with your look.

Solid wood desks are timeless classics. Their sturdy construction means that they will last you for many years and will not fall apart. You can choose from beautiful grains of oak or mahogany to match your décor. They are always stylish and will not go out of fashion.

If you are trying to create a hipster, contemporary vibe then you are better off choosing a metal desk. They look great in modern apartments and fit in so well with a minimalist or urban chic décor. Luckily, they are as functional as they are aesthetic and will endure what you throw at them for years to come.

Once you have decided on the criteria that you are looking for you can select your Elite Office Furniture UK desk from the massive selection available at Office Furniture Online. Soon your desk will be working as hard as you do!

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