The history of the folding table is quite a fascinating one as archaeologists have uncovered evidence to suggest that the very first folding tables were used by the Ancient Egyptians, although it is possible that the Chinese were using them before them.

A fascinating and simple mechanical device, the folding table is one where the legs collapse completely beneath the table top to allow for easy storage and handling. And it is for this reason that the folding table was used so many times throughout history.

As the British Empire spread around the globe, explorers, military men and adventurers carried with them small folding table which were used for anything from meal preparation, diary writing or cartography up to a simple card table. The key to this however was that it was compact, portable and durable, qualities which still exist in these tables today.

At Office Furniture Online we sell thousands of these wonderful, versatile pieces of furniture every year and our range has expanded enormously to meet the demands of a modern market. Nowadays these tables are more likely to be used in schools, cafeteria, hotels and conference facilities rather than on expeditions, but the principle remains the same. Made of durable modern materials these wonderful tables come in a huge range of colours and styles, some with castors for easy manoeuvring and most of them able to ‘nest’ for easy storage.

Whilst these tables have come a long way since the early explorers, we’re sure that if you are short on space but are still planning to conquer the world then these tables are just the job.

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