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5 things you’ll love about our folding tables

There are times when you just need some extra space. Whether it’s for extra working surfaces, product displays or coffee pots, having more table tops is sometimes unavoidable. If you require more space on a temporary basis but have a fairly regular need, choosing to buy your own compact folding tables can be a great solution, and can work out financially much more cost effective than hiring in from outside.

Designed to look good

Just because folding tables may only be needed on a temporary basis doesn’t mean that they have to be utilitarian. Yes, they need to be fit for the purpose for which they were designed, but they may also need to look good when they are deployed.

Even the most basic tables, like the range of Gopak™ economy folding tables we supply, look smart. This sort of folding table is ideal for things like providing work areas in break out areas at conferences, extra tabling in canteens, or temporary furniture that youth organisations can deploy when needed. The quality finish means they will keep their good looks for longer, and the four colours they come in (Durham Oak, Walnut, Saracen Grey and Vanilla) enable you to pick the right finish to suit the environment.

Simple to deploy

All of the folding tables we sell are supplied flat-pack for self-assembly. Assembly is a breeze, and once fully assembled, the tables can be folded and economically stored. Some folding tables we supply have folding legs, some, like the Solar next day fold range have 90-degree tilt tops. Whatever the methodology, when the time comes to deploy your tables, the set-up is quick and easy.

Lightweight – easy to move and store

The fact that our folded tables are designed to last doesn’t mean that they have to be made from iron or steel. If they were, they would be too heavy to handle. With temporary furniture that you need to deploy quickly and easily, it must be lightweight and therefore simple to move, set-up and take-down. The use of painted aluminium in frames and legs, and stylish laminates covering lightweight, durable MDF, are excellent weight saving components.

 Designed for durability

Durability is another key factor when choosing folding tables. The fact is that, in addition to the use to which it is put, a folding table also needs to have durable finish. This is to prevent damage, either during the put-up/take-down operation, or while it is being transported, or when it is stacked and stored. Laminated tops and painted aluminium frames, legs and edgings, all facilitate durability.

Designed for affordability

With prices starting at just £42 each, folding tables are eminently affordable, and for busy canteen or eatery areas, in order to meet sudden, heavy demand, something like the all-in-one rectangular, 16-seater folding diner unit is amazing value for money, coming at under £60 per head.

Super economy folding chairs are available in polypropylene, steel, or fabric from only £13 each and Gopak™ economy stacking benches provide excellent seating accessories to maximise the use of your folding tables of choice.

Whether you need temporary, folding tables for extra hot-desks, or to facilitate extra numbers at meetings and conferences, or to boost the seating in your canteen area, we here at Office Furniture Online have the right solution at the right price.

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