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Say no to discrimination in the workplace, and create a more inclusive culture

We’re living in a polarised era, politically speaking, with many employees saying that the current political climate is a major source of stress, both in and out of work. Unfortunately, political discussions in the workplace aren’t always handled civilly or respectfully, and this can cause tension in teams and offices.

It’s also an era of social change, with many minority groups demanding the rights and recognition afforded to everyone else. From people with disabilities to members of black and minority ethnic groups and LGBT employees, long-disenfranchised people are willing to stand up and ask for the respect they deserve.

However, managing all of this as an employer can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. It’s incumbent on you to create a diverse and inclusive workforce if you want to be both representative of wider society and a robust, successful business. If you’re finding it tricky to create a more inclusive culture in the workplace, try some of our top tips.

Top 5 tips for creating a more inclusive company culture

1. Be proactive

It’s highly likely that political and social tensions already exist in your workplace. Staff members will already be having these conversations, debates and disagreements, and you should acknowledge that fact. One simple way to gauge the current climate of the workforce is to ask managers to hold meetings and check in with their teams, specifically around these topics.

This will not only give you valuable information you can use to guide the company culture, it can also reassure staff that it is something you are taking seriously.

2. Use to policy to guide behaviour

It’s important to set boundaries in the workplace and many of these will already be outlined in your company and HR policies, as well as employee contracts. Policies around non-discrimination and anti-bullying or harassment at least should be standard.

However, your policy documents are nothing if they aren’t acted upon. Ensure that staff know you have zero tolerance to breaches of these policies and clarify what it means to be civil. Knowing what the boundaries are gives clear guidelines for behaviour, and also lets employees know what to expect if they step out of line.

3. Reinforce company values

The values of your company should be the most basic principles and beliefs that underline everyone’s behaviour. Think of Google’s “Don’t be evil” motto, which its founders felt was clear and direct enough that it not only prohibited the company from exploiting users but also prohibiting conflicts of interest.  That carried through into their offices and staff teams.

4. Set the tone

Whether you like it or not, it’s up to you to set the example. Don’t punish employees for behaviour you yourself carry out. You have to set the tone by which employees can model themselves, so it’s worthwhile checking your own personal judgements, biases and discriminations as honestly as possible; and put right any areas you fall down on. This is particularly true when you find yourself under pressure.

5. Step in when needed

If a meeting or conversation is getting out of hand, whether you are involved in it or not, don’t be afraid to intervene. Remind employees of the company’s values, policies and expectations of civility. If you can, mediate between the two parties; as boss, you shouldn’t be afraid to get involved. Just remember that if there is no resolution, you should involve HR.

Metal filing cabinets can help bring order to the workplace

Part of creating a welcoming, inclusive workforce is your environment. Disorganised offices can lead to all kinds of stress, so you should consider your storage options. Metal filing cabinets can help you to keep everything in order.

We carry a full range of metal filing cabinets. They come in a wide variety of styles and colours for every purpose, including secure lockable cabinets for storing confidential information. You can view the full range here and, if you need some advice on choosing the right storage solutions for your workplace, talk to our sales advice team who would be happy to help.

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