George_osborne_hiDays before the stupendous cuts announced in the Autumn Statement, George Osborne has been found to have spent £10,200,000 on re-vamping his already exclusive Whitehall HQ treasury. Please do not throw things at your computer screen or start shouting and swearing, thinking what the hell!! I have already had to replace my screens and have been told off by the neighbours. This makes me so mad when you breakdown what he has actually spent it on, and whats worse is the companies he has used are normally reserved for the Queen Mary 2, A-List celebrities and TV programs like Big Brother.

The money squandering chancellor splashed out “OUR” (tax payers) money on interior designers specialising on designer furniture, award-winning artsy chairs, tables and desks. <——- I mean like what the hell is he thinking of at a time like this, when our country owes billions in bad debt, our councils are struggling and the cost of living is spiralling out of control!

What makes matters worse is that our countries most vulnerable people are being hit by cuts to disability benefits and having to pay bedroom tax while the plonker (George) thinks its ok to refurbish his HQ with designer furniture.

Details of the effin’ ridiculous extravaganza spending came out following a question tabled in the House of Commons, at which point it was revealed that over two years Dicktard Osborne had sanctioned a string of deals to O.T.T. smarten up his department.

The exact items haven’t been disclosed but the designer firms he has used are exposed for us to see. Some of the suppliers include Panik Design which sells top end bookcases for £5,500, £3,300 poker tables and £65 paperweights. The nobs department spent at least £1,300 at the Milton Keynes based company which claims “showcases some of the world’s best in designer accessories, lighting and furniture” – I mean is he having a laugh at our expense or what?

The firms clients include the likes of Calvin Klein and Christian Dior, boast that it is “the UK’s largest independent stockist of contemporary design” who offers a “unique range of high-end products” – So why the hell is fat boy spending our money with them??

Panik basically went into a panick when a spokesman refused to say what the Treasury bought, but he did say that it was “not ridiculously overpriced” – Well he’s bound to say that thec-panik muppet. He also said that “It’s a lovely functional product that does a very good job, that a lot of businesses buy. The people that work there will enjoy it” – Well jee wiz, how about us tax payers who actually paid for it? Do we see the benefit of it? NO !!

online logoAnother supplier the “cnut” used was a furniture firm called Ferrious, which sells three-seater leather sofas for £7,600. The Treasury (tax payers money minder) spent at least £1,696 with the company, whose website says; “our goal is to offer clients the finest furniture, kitchens, lighting and accessories all backed up by an unparalleled interior design service” – Like WTF, can you afford to spend money with them? I doubt Mr. Joe Bloggs, who’s sat in a wheel chair and can’t afford a loaf of Warburtons because he has to pay a bedroom tax, can afford it either!

LogoMonsieur Le Osborne also spent at least £2,700 at office furniture manufacturer Senator. Senators website says “We are also the leading exponent of supply partnerships between manufacturer and corporate and government organisations” I could take from this that, this purchase is not the first nor the last. Senator’s “Our mission is to design, deliver and manufacture innovative office furniture…of the highest quality.” – My personal experience is that Senator provide some excellent products and some at decent prices, so I can’t really moan at Osbo here tbh.

000022931-largeAll say a big “Thank you” to Michael Dugher ( – Shadow Cabinet Office minister – who exposed this ASBO deserving scoundrel using parliamentary questions. Mike the saviour said Mr. Osborne is ignoring the needs of millions of people struggling to make ends meet while he gave his HQ an expensive makeover. My only negative is that Mikey boy has the same hair cut as blood sucking Sir Christopher Lee in his heyday.


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Credit Due : The Mirror’s original story on Osborne


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