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Could you be doing more to help your employees stay fit and healthy?

Being fitter, more active and kinder to our bodies is a fast-growing trend around the UK. Gone are the days when a ‘good night out’ involved smoking, drinking to excess and grabbing a kebab on the way home. Today’s young people prefer an evening of cultured enjoyment, sparkling water and a paleo snack from Waitrose.

Responding to these trends can only be good for our businesses too. After all, fit, healthy workers who take care of their bodies are much less likely to need lots of sick days, and are more inclined to perform optimally when they are at work. If you’re keen to encourage fitness in your office and get everyone on board the healthy train, here’s how you can do it.

1.      Offer smart snacks

People don’t always want to be faced with a choice of a packet of Walkers or a Mars bar. Let them make better choices by stocking your vending machines with granola bars or whole wheat crackers. Keep a bowl of fruit in the office, free to help yourself; it’s a small investment that could make a big difference.

2.      Make exercise easy

Talk to your local gym about bulk membership offers. Maybe they can do you a deal to offer free membership as an employee benefit, or if that’s too rich for you, maybe you could offer it at a discount. If you don’t have a local gym, why not offer your meeting room for yoga or Pilates? A management commitment does a lot for employee buy in.

3.      Encourage movement with clever design

With most employees spending over 90 per cent of their working day sitting at their desk, helping them to get up and move will pay dividends in the long run. Place the photocopier or other frequently used pieces of equipment away from the workspaces, so people have to get active to retrieve what they need. Make a policy of no eating at desks; not only will it encourage staff to really take a break, it will improve the hygiene in the office environment too.

4.      Provide lockable storage

Cycling or walking to work might be a more appealing prospect if they could change and freshen up for the day when they get there. Offering secure storage such as a locker or personal locking drawer pedestals will give them somewhere to keep their deodorant and maybe a change of clothes, making leaving the car at home an easier decision.

5.      Offer alternatives to sitting all day

Ergonomic chairs are a good first step, but nowadays there are so many other options available to you. Sit-stand desks give people the option to spend part of their day on their feet, helping them to burn more calories and improving back health. Alternative chairs like stools, kneeler chairs and balance balls could be used for brief periods too, to help take the pressure off the lower back from time to time.

Employee wellness is key to a company’s success, so don’t be afraid to invest in those things that will make a difference to you staff. From drawer pedestals to standing desks, Office Furniture Online is here to help you get what you need at a price you love.

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