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Could your business benefit from becoming more agile?

One of the big buzz-words in employment circles in the latter half of the 21st century has been ‘agile working’. A concept first attributed to Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, many large companies are now adopting the agile manifesto as a foundation for how they do business.

Agile working overlaps with, but isn’t identical to, flexible working; it incorporates elements of working in different environments instead of only at the office, for instance at home or in a café as the need arises, but the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts, and there are a variety of factors involved.

In order to understand what agile working is and how you can benefit, we need to first of all break it down.

What is agile working?

Many people confuse agile working with flexible working; that is, employees given the choice to work at the office, from their home or any other environment that is conducive to getting the work done. However, while that is certainly a large part of agile working, there’s more to it than that.

Agile working is an ethos and mindset, which puts innovation and performance ahead of bureaucracy and presenteeism. Many employers immediately adopt an old style of working; a strict hierarchy and a strong emphasis on employees being present, in the office, during the whole of the working day.

They also place a lot of emphasis in planning, are risk-averse and inflexible. Why? Because it’s always been done that way, so it must work, right?

The thing is, that’s not really the case. Businesses who are shifting their company consciousnesses and cultures to a more agile method of working reap the benefits. Too often the needs of the client come secondary to the business structures you already have in place

As an example, let’s say that you produce a product for a client. They request a new kind of product but the structure you have in place in your business doesn’t easily allow for that. So, instead of putting client satisfaction first, using innovation and experimentation, you turn down the request.

However, if you eschewed the old structural model, mixing up departments into new product teams, you might more easily have been able to fulfil the client’s request. You didn’t do this because your mindset wasn’t agile enough to see how it could be done; you presumed it would require a permanent company-wide restructuring and didn’t consider the possibility of temporary working teams.

Why is it beneficial?

Agile working shifts the focus from artificial measures of success, such as time and attendance, to results and performance. If your workers can come up with a new way to get things done, you let them do it, and get out of the way; as long as it gets results.

If employees decide that a project would be more successful if they worked from home with occasional trips to meet with the client directly, because there would be less distraction for example, an agile employer would allow them to do that, safe in the knowledge that new technologies like Skype and time tracking can allow you to gauge results.

Perhaps you have an old-fashioned hierarchy with you at the top, leading a group of team managers who in turn manage their teams. You might find that you get better performance by turning that entire staff team into duos, pairing experienced workers with novices. That way you share experience and skills without extra training costs, and each pair can measure and check each other’s’ work.

Innovative models and solutions like these can save all kinds of costs, improve productivity and increase results, leading to more satisfied clients and repeat business and growth. It just requires you to start thinking outside the box.

Next day filing cabinets can help you to rapidly prepare for agile working

Agile working needs preparation and good order and planning in the office. One way to do this is by creating storage areas that are based on tasks and projects rather than departments. Our next day filing cabinets can help you to achieve this.

We stock a full range of next day filing cabinets, which you can view here, all available for immediate delivery to help you reorganise as swiftly as you need to. The come in steel or wood and in a variety of styles and colours. You can pair them up in a variety of 1, 2 and 3 drawer combinations, with secure lockable options available.

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