It may seem a strange question but when you consider the amount of information we consume on a daily basis and the sheer weight of paper that this information takes up then it’s a question worth asking.

At the dawn of the computer age people predicted that in 30 years there would be no need for paper and the phrase ‘paperless office’ was born. Initially an ideal it soon became a goal for some and there are businesses today who focus entirely on being a paperless office. This in itself must be a good thing from an environmental perspective but can it ever be a reality?

If anything, the spread of computers has increased not decreased the volume of paper in circulation and so the need to storage solutions for this paper has increased as well. Nowadays it’s unusual to find an office where there are simply no paper storage facilities and so filing cabinets seem to have weathered the storm so far.

Like it or not, the urge to scan a document on paper rather than on screen still remains with many business people, and of course if you know the client is going to print your document off after you email it across then you are going to want to print it first, just to check. And like it or not, every organisation seems to produce paper so you will always need somewhere to store it. We receive bills, invoices, flyers, magazine, articles and a whole host of other paper based products which we need to file. Some of it we file because we want to keep it, some of it because we are obliged (usually by the taxman) to keep it.

Whatever the reason, the paperless office is still a pipe dream for many so until the day it becomes a reality we will continue to supply a great range of filing cabinets for all your office needs.

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