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Could a play area at work help your employees love what they do?

In tricky economic times, you want to create and nurture a workforce that is committed, loyal and productive. The days of the carrot and stick approach are well and truly over; employees are less motivated by either reward or punishment than ever. Instead, they want to feel that they are valued, that their opinions are heard and that they have a certain degree of autonomy in their work.

Part of valuing your employees comes from the environment you create for them to work in. Think about it: how loyal are your workers going to be if they come into a dull, grey office with cramped desks, poor lighting, cables running everywhere and no comfortable provision for their breaks?

Instead, you should be seeking to create a workspace that is creative, inspirational and puts employee wellness first. Here are some of the main things you need to consider if you want to use your office design to show your workforce how valued they are.

Create an inspirational office

First things first; people are either inspired or disillusioned by their environment. You need to create an office that makes people feel upbeat and motivated. There are countless ways you can achieve this, but one of the latest trends in office design could go a long way.

The hybrid office layout builds upon the open plan layout that has become popular in recent years but overcomes some of the disadvantages of that layout. Open plan offices are great for collaboration but they can be very noisy and employees can sometimes feel like they are always being watched.

It’s impossible to get any privacy in an open plan office either. Hybrid workspaces offer open plan work but segment the office with breakout areas and areas for privacy. Small office spaces can allow employees to concentrate on complex or important tasks without being disturbed and softer, relaxation areas allow them to grab five minutes peace away from their desks.

Work smarter

Mobile and wireless technology continues to improve, offering many benefits to the modern business. You can free your employees from their desks by issuing laptops instead of desktop PCs. They can dock them to use with a monitor when at their desk, but it also leaves them free to ‘hot desk’ or, if necessary, carry out work from home or from another site.

This kind of agile working is becoming incredibly popular and has proved to have a very positive effect on productivity and performance.

Wireless working also now allows you to design more minimal office spaces, reducing clutter and, in the process, stress.

Chill out

Modern work is hard; better results are often expected from fewer and fewer staff and it’s unreasonable to demand 100% productivity from a human as opposed to a machine. Expecting that will actually drive down productivity. Instead, you should be looking for ways to allow employees to plan their own working days, allowing them to take chill out breaks when needed.

As long as this is properly managed and not abused, regular breaks can substantially improve productivity. Some ideas for helping employees to relax could include a games room, with a games console or table tennis table, for example, or having a shared music system where workers can share a playlist and choose the next track.

Sort out your workplace with wooden filing cabinets

Creating an inspirational office also comes from the furniture you choose and picking the right storage options can help you to achieve that modern, minimal look. Wooden filing cabinets mean you can store all of your important documentation without taking up a lot of space.

We carry a great range of wooden filing cabinets, available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours, including the fresh, modern white wood styles. Check out our full range here and get some help with choosing the right combination by talking to our sales team.

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