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Could a more inspiring office design help you retain more talent?

In tough economic times, one way to keep down your spiralling costs is to retain staff. Stopping the revolving door of employees leaving can significantly cut down the costs of recruitment and training and stops a ‘brain drain’ to your competitors; you don’t want to train up staff and have them learn the ins and out of your business only to move elsewhere and take all that knowledge with them.

Equally, you want to attract the best talent, from your competitors and from other industries; their skills and experience can substantially add value to your existing staff team. While there are many ways to attract the right candidates, and keep them working with you, you might be surprised to learn that one of the easiest ways is to focus on your office design.

How office design can lead to better retention

It’s always worth taking a cue from Silicon Valley; some of the largest tech giants have freed themselves up from the “old ways” of doing things by being innovative and experimental in their approach to office design, and it’s paid dividends in terms of helping them to create the right company culture and attract and retain the best staff.

Github and Google both have incredibly modern offices. While Google’s has a focus on the zany and playful side of corporate culture, Github have invoked an almost Eastern design ethic, incorporating lots of wood and balancing open plan working with quiet spaces.

Open plan offices have become a feature in most modern business and while they have many benefits, they also have disadvantages. They can be incredibly noisy and lack privacy, both of which leads to frustrated employees.

Expert Market carried out recent research that found over half of all employees prefer their own office space, a place where they can work in private without being distracted by others. While this might not be an efficient permanent solution for most workplaces, one simple way to achieve privacy is to incorporate temporary solo or quiet spaces where employees can go to concentrate on complex tasks.

Work – play balance

We hear a lot about work/life balance, but studies suggest that play is equally important. It’s something many of us forget as we grow up, but play encourages a kind of creative elasticity to our brain and thought processes, leading to innovation.

Play also reduces stress, significantly. Incorporating an area where employees can take a break to play games, whether that’s games consoles, table tennis or air hockey, for example, could help employees to chill out, which could be critically important at times of pressure and stress.

How would these ideas help?

The modern employee demands different things from their predecessors. They find drive and motivation in autonomy, comfort and creativity more than in monetary reward or target-driven work. The old interview question of “What drives you?” may not always be answered honestly, but writers like Daniel Pink in his book ‘Drive’ argue that intrinsic motivation is far more important that extrinsic factors.

That means employees are judging the worth of a position more on the culture of a company than anything else. They want to know they will be valued for their opinions, ideas and effort and that their new employer has values that mesh with their own.

Ideas like those we’ve already outlined aren’t just pretty, cosmetic alterations; they signal your company culture faster than you could ever explain it with mission statements and lists of company values. Using innovative and inspiring office design will make your workforce happier and, crucially, more loyal. Prospective employees will sense that immediately.

Bisley filing cabinets can help you to create an inspiring office

Inspiring office designs aren’t known for their clutter; instead, they will have fairly minimalistic layouts with convenient and unobtrusive storage. Bisley filing cabinets can help you to achieve this feel; with high-quality construction and sleek modern design detailing, they’ll help you to keep your office organised.

Bisley filing cabinets come in a full range of sizes and styles, which you can view here, and they each come with a massive 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Buy now or talk to our sales time if you need some advice on choosing the perfect storage solutions.

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