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How could coworking work for your business?

The trend for coworking is showing no signs of abating, as more and more businesses realise the potential benefits of this strategy. From designers to start ups, sole traders to multinational corporations, many are choosing to work alongside other people with different talents, with a view to life being ‘better together’.

If you’re wondering how the coworking opportunity could work for your business, and in fact if it really works at all, here’s what you need to know.

Professional connections bring new viewpoints and ideas to the table

Coworking embraces the newest generation of workers, people who think outside the box and are self-starters in their industry. Working alongside other talented people gives rise to different perspectives, skills and opinions, allowing us to shape our ideas and solutions in a more holistic manner. A coworking space will often have big shared desks, plenty of huddle areas and room for chilling out together, helping us to bring new possibilities to our projects and products each day.

It’s flexibility, but in a work-like environment

Working from home can be stressful, particularly if you aren’t endowed with the space to create an amazing office. Choosing to rent space in a coworking environment allows you the flexibility that comes with remote working, but still with the comfort, facilities and focus of an office. For people who dread long hours all by themselves, it’s the perfect midpoint between working at home and working for a big company.

Overheads are lowered, productivity is raised

Although a coworking space is not quite like a traditional office, it usually has all the amenities you’d expect from an office environment. Sharing printers, lateral filing cupboards, scanners and work space means nobody is tasked with investing in these facilities all by themselves, so the overall cost is lower. There can often be added bonuses, such as motivational speakers, conference rooms and meeting areas for talking to clients (not to mention the free coffee and fruit).

People are happier, and enjoy better social lives

Leaving the nine to five grind to pursue a freelance career or embark on a new venture can be highly appealing; until, that is, you realise your source of social connections just dried up. Coworking gives lone workers a way to connect with interesting, likeminded people from all walks of life, forming new connections and social groups to share both work and play with.

Our lateral filing cupboards are ideal for a coworking environment

When it comes to successful coworking, organisation and security of information are key. If you’re looking to set up a coworking space of your own, our lateral filing cupboards are the ideal way to organise paperwork and documents for everyone using the office. Because files are arranged laterally, there is no reason for anyone to be flicking through your folders when you’re not around, or accidentally spying details of new contracts when they’re looking for their own paperwork. Take a look at our lateral filing cupboards for yourself, and see if you think they could be your first step on a path towards coworking excellence.

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