Depending on when you went to school, the furniture you were forced to sit at is probably very different to the ranges we supply today. We certainly remember the old school desks with the lift up lid and inkwell in the top right hand corner (pity and left handed children!) which was the mainstay of many classrooms right up until the 1970’s in Britain.

These desks were typically uncomfortable to sit at as the seat comprised no more than a slightly shaped plank of wood, had everyone’s names carved or drawn into the desktop and usually had a store of ancient bubble gum underneath to trap the legs of your old school uniform.

Whilst your schooldays may bring back many happy memories, including storing your tuck inside the lid of the desk and sneaking bits of it during lessons, it’s a million miles away from the modern ranges of school furniture that we sell today.

Today’s furniture is designed with children in mind and is suitably scaled. It is more often than not modular and can be rearranged with the other pieces of classroom furniture to provide a range of work environments for the class. Even the chairs are ergonomically designed so children today can sit comfortably and work quietly without the constant discomfort of a plank of wood for a seat.

We can’t help you relive your school days but we can help create better memories for your children with our ranges of school furniture, available exclusively here at Office Furniture Online.

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